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Perfecting Corporate Workplace Communications

Have you found that it is becoming difficult to attract, engage and retain the right talent in a business environment characterized by ongoing change? Have you struggled with a growing disconnect between you and your employees? Does it seem to you that your company's needs and that of your employees are disparate?

If the answer to any of these three questions is "Yes", then our 'Corporate Workplace Communications' corporate retreat is for you and your key employees. Led by our esteemed in-house psychiatrist, Dr. Strauss, this is one of the most sought-after corporate retreats in British Columbia, Canada and North America. Please see the reviews of other companies who have participated in the program here to find out why.

Dr. Strauss, our resort psychiatrist (please see more about him here) runs this corporate retreat. He allows only one company at a time to participate, in order to give you exclusive attention. This program can accommodate up to 18 people at a time. Dr. Strauss advises that you choose only your key staff to participate. Once you have signed up for the program, he will contact you personally to tweak the final touches to your tailor made program.

The Perfecting Workplace Communications Corporate Retreat

The 'Perfecting Workplace Communications' program can be a stand-alone 3 day corporate program as outlined below or a custom program that can be integrated into your scheduled meetings at Sparkling Hill Resort.

The Stand-alone Perfecting Workplace Communications program consists of:

The program consists of each participant having individual time with Dr. Strauss (each employee half an hour, the CEO/manager one hour), an educational component, up to two team building experiences (if requested, additional fees apply based on the activities selected) a workshop, and finally a debriefing meeting with all participants. Of course, Sparkling Hill Resort is also one of the most inspiring corporate retreat venues in British Columbia, so we've left plenty of time for your group to experience the resort. 

Stand-alone 3 Day Workplace Communications Program:

Please Note: This Stand-alone 3 day program is based on a minimum group number. This program may only be purchased in conjunction with overnight accommodations at Sparkling Hill Resort.

Custom Workplace Communications Program (to be integrated with existing scheduled meetings at Sparkling Hill Resort):

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If you would like to book this package as part of your corporate retreat or group booking at Sparkling Hill, please contact Sharlene Raffard at 

If you have any additional questions about the 'Corporate Workplace Communications' package, feel free to contact Dr. Pieter Strauss directly at