If you could perfectly design the next level of your health over the next 12 months, what would it look like? What would blow your fuzzy socks off and bring you unrestrained, child-like joy in 2016? Take a deep breath and think about it for 30 seconds.

Increased fitness? Disciplined nutrition? Complete an endurance race? What’s that desirable goal you’ve been dreaming about all these years?

Now imagine what it would feel like to have that goal … finally. To live more abundant, healthier, and more fully alive … consistently. Does this sound like fluff? It can be a tough exercise, but please stick with me, it will be worth it, I promise. Feel how light it makes you feel. Feel how easy it feels. Feel how joyful it makes you feel.

Now here’s the big question … how WILLING are you to change in order to get it?

Oh snap! That’s a hard one. Makes me uneasy just thinking about it. Why? Because we’re all lacking one specific gene … ‘The Discipline Gene’.

Now, I know the ‘The Discipline Gene’ doesn’t actually exist, but how awesome would it be if it did? We would all follow through and accomplish what we desire. That would be outrageous!
But there’s always a villain.

I bet your villain is the same as mine. It’s not a lack of discipline but the presence of FEAR. Fear is what prevents us from consistently doing what it takes to go get the health we want over a long period of time.
Health takes investment, and no matter how many bursts of discipline we can squeeze out, we all battle the same resistance. We’re afraid. We fear failure. We fear catastrophic world events. We fear that what we’re currently doing is not going to end well. We fear cancer. We fear heart attacks. We even fear being fearful! The result? We never change.

But we CAN bust through fear! Having travelled many parts of the world and served tens of thousands of patients, I’ve observed a general trend that separates those who get their health goals and those who never seem to get to the other side. Success doesn’t come to those who necessarily have the best genetics, best treatments or the best luck, but instead to those who are driven by the INTENTIONAL WILLINGNESS to change.

Fear never goes away. Not very comforting, I know. However, you can choose to stop being led by it. I know some people who are extremely disciplined and have achieved extraordinary goals to help better the lives of millions of people all around the world. However, if you ask them if their success could be attributed to having a special ‘Discipline Gene’, they’d laugh out loud. They’d each tell you it was because they consistently stopped believing the lies and told fear to take a hike.
So, if your goal is to increase your fitness in 2016, maybe you battle the fear of what it will physically take to get yourself there. If your goal is having a healthier relationship with food, maybe you battle the fear of failing … yet again.

Here’s my recommendation … YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL! SO, GET OVER IT! Get back up and celebrate the small steps forward. This is a powerful tool I used to keep motivating myself from the INSIDE OUT. I write out and celebrate each small step towards my goals. It’s a way to allow our brains to release a powerful hormone called Dopamine. If you’ve ever lost your Smartphone and then safely found it again, you got a big dose of Dopamine. That joyful feeling is what this hormone rewards us with in order to keep us searching for small and large accomplishments in life. It’s powerful. It’s effective. And it’s already inside you just waiting to be released.

So, may you DREAM BIG, and step small this coming year. It’s the best present you could give yourself.

Saturday, December 12 2015

Posted by: Sparkling Hill Resort


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