On December 31st 2015 we all made our next set of New Year’s Resolutions:

Stop smoking. Start meditating. Exercise more. Lose weight. Help others. Be happy
Many of the resolutions we make are centered on our health and how we can improve it. But, just like last year and the year before that, our resolutions start strong and then fizzle within a month or two. In this month’s KurSpa insight we will cover how to make your resolutions stick.

When planning your resolution I recommend using the SMART approach. SMART is an acronym used by many professionals to help people set detailed and achievable goals. Making them easier to adhere to and increases the likelihood of actually making your goals.

Exercising more is a common resolution for many people in the New Year, and it is a fantastic and healthy resolution, but the resolution has no structure. The whole statement of exercising more is very vague and open to interpretation, making it hard to know if you have achieved your goal. So to give yourself a chance to stick to your New Year’s resolution, we need to break down the goal and set some guidelines using the SMART system:

  1. Be specific… how do you want to exercise more? The more detail the better
Exercising is a broad topic so narrow it down.
Try incorporating: Who, what, where, when and how
Example: I want to practice Bikram hot yoga at my local studio after work.
  1. Make sure you can measure your progress?
How many times a week? a month? How do you know when you are on the right track?
I want to practice Bikram hot yoga at my local studio three times a week for 60 minutes after work.
  1. Can you achieve your goal? Now is the time to review …
If you can identify any reasons that will affect your goal you need to re-evaluate.
New goal: I will go to two Bikram hot yoga classes per week plus another yoga session at home after work.
  1. Is it relevant to me? Make sure your goal is relevant to you and your lifestyle.
Does your goal line up with other priorities in your life? Is it worthwhile?
YES! Yoga will help me re-gain my strength, flexibility, and balance as I recover from my back injury.
  1. Set a time to complete your goal!
Making a deadline gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your goal and make changes if necessary.
I will go to Bikram hot yoga classes twice a week plus one 60 minute session at home, after work, for the next 30 days, to help me regain my strength, flexibility, and balance.

About Paul Bradshaw:

Paul Bradshaw is a Kinesiologist at Sparkling Hill Resort. He graduated from the University of British Columbia Vancouver in 2010 with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics. He is the lead Whole Body Cryotherapy practitioner and also specializes in injury rehabilitation and prevention, and healthy weight loss. Paul is also a certified Kinesio Tape practitioner.

Tuesday, February 02 2016

Posted by: Paul Bradshaw


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