Everything starts with a simple message. Enjoy what you are doing!
Farm to table means exactly this to me – using amazing products from the area and ranchers and farmers whom you can meet and shake their hands. And, I really believe if you enjoy and have fun at work you will create something delicious.
I  absolutely can see no reason to buy something from afar, when you can get incredible food just around the corner.
As simple as it sounds, it is sometimes quite difficult. But for this, I have to go back in time to the past and back to my roots. Do you remember when you were waiting so long for certain food and it was harvested just in a small time frame?  You got so excited and could not wait to taste it? This is also Farm to table for me. Sharpen your senses and enjoy food when it is fresh harvest. Hope to see you soon in Peakfine.

RECIPE OF THE MONTH : Asparagus Sicilian Spring Salad

by Sous Chef Romaine Newell

Ingredients List:

Atlantic Lobster tail
Spanish Saffron
Asparagus-2-4 pieces
8 oz of Prosciutto
Mixed lettuce Greens
Half litre of rice milk
8 liquid oz of Heavy whipping cream
1 lemon
1 lime
Mandarin oranges.
Olive oil


Prosciutto wrapped asparagus
Wash and cut asparagus. This dish looks visually appealing with same sized asparagus
Thinly slice Prosciutto. Carefully wrap each asparagus with your thinly sliced (The thinner the slice of bacon the easy the wrapping will be.
Roast in 360 c degree oven for 6 min and let cool. (Be careful not to overcook the asparagus)
Mandarin orange Salad
We recommend a light dressing of your choice to compliment your lobster and asparagus.
Select your choice of greens. Ensure that your greens are crisp
Wash and drain. Set aside.
For our Recipe we choose to use a citrus and truffle vinaigrette
Fresh mandarin oranges can be found at limited Asian specialty grocery stores. You may also purchase canned marinated oranges at your local grocery stores.
For Fresh oranges
Peel. Then use a small utility knife and slowly segment out the flesh of the oranges from each pod.
Squeeze remaining juice from your orange into a container and place segments in.
For Canned oranges
Drain segments and set aside
Assemble salad by taking a hand full of greens and generously tossed it with the vinaigrette of your choice. After plating garnish salad with orange segments.
Roasted Atlantic Lobster Tail
Use a chef knife to split lobster from right down the middle keeping the tail of lobster intact.
Squeeze half a lemon and season with a Mediterranean spice blend.
Roast tail for 10 Minutes at 375 degrees.

Saffron and lime Foam
Combine Lime juice, lime zest, rice milk and cream with a pinch of Spanish saffron in a sauce pan. Season with salt and pepper
Bring to a boil and then add a thickening agent.
Use either hand blender of a standing blender, and blend your sauce at high speeds for 2-4 minutes until foam begins to develop on top
Keep your sauce at room temperature before serving.


After receiving his Diploma as Master Chef of Professional Education and Training in 2004, Chef Marco Herbergs held the prestigious position of Executive Head Chef at the Treculinari AG, Restaurant Loewen in Meilen Switzerland until 2011, which was when he and his family made their life-long dream come true and immigrated to Canada. Their pursuit of a bounty of season ingredients, world class wines and the relaxed outdoor lifestyle is what led them to the Okanagan. Marco has honed his skills in some remarkable restaurants including Gasthof Loewen in Switzerland and the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. With over 17 years of experience in managing different Hotel Kitchens, he is an extremely motivated individual who strives for excellence in all areas of his life, which has been a strong attribute to his successful career as a Chef. His love for haute cuisine has him emphasizing local products and good quality which leads to good living. Chef Marco shops locally when possible and sources out the best product for each menu item to create the ultimate dining experience.

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