For me, summer is about meeting with our local farmers, taking time to discuss and enjoy all the fresh and tasty Okanagan Valley produce. The magnificent goodness available to us right now to place on our tables is astounding and makes summertime cooking very easy.

A combination of fresh-pressed red beet juice (lowers blood pressure & rich in antioxidants), mixed with Chia seeds (low-carb & high protein, plus antioxidants), makes this dish so interesting. July is the time to discover the abundance of beautiful red beets from our local farmers. At this time of the season, beets taste exceptionally good, with a delightful sweetness to them. Summer beets do not compare to the red beets we draw on through the winter into spring with their heavy, earthy taste.

Once you’ve selected your sweet, young beets, you only need to make a decision as to which type of fish you would like to serve with them. There are so many choices to finalize your nutrition ‘bomb’ and you’ll find a variety of flavor in our summer recipes. Seared hailbut, smoked Albacore tuna or a nice salmon bursting with Omega-3 will boost your meal’s vitamin and mineral content, while impressing your guests’ palate.


  • The red beet juice can be replaced with almost all other vegetable juice
  • Substitute cacao milk or strawberry milk with the Chia seeds if you have younger guests.
My favorite advice in the summertime is – if you want to stay cool in your kitchen at home, why not come and see me at Peakfine with our new health-oriented menu and farm to table recipes!
-Chef Marco Herbergs
  • 1kg peeled red beets
  • Juice the peeled red beets (should produce approximately 300ml juice)
  • Season with salt and pepper to your liking
  • Stir in 60g Chia seeds and place in 4 bowls
  • Allow it to settle for approximately 50 minutes
  • Clean and wash your favorite lettuce and herbs for the garnish salad
  • Cut Halibut in 4 pieces
  • Season with salt and pepper, then sear to your preferred level
  • Place Halibut on the firm red beet reduction and garnish with salad
  • Drizzle lemon-olive oil on top and grate fresh horseradish on the dish
  • Step back, admire and you are ready to serve!


After receiving his Diploma as Master Chef of Professional Education and Training in 2004, Chef Marco Herbergs held the prestigious position of Executive Head Chef at the Treculinari AG, Restaurant Loewen in Meilen Switzerland until 2011, which was when he and his family made their life-long dream come true and immigrated to Canada. Their pursuit of a bounty of season ingredients, world class wines and the relaxed outdoor lifestyle is what led them to the Okanagan. Marco has honed his skills in some remarkable restaurants including Gasthof Loewen in Switzerland and the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. With over 17 years of experience in managing different Hotel Kitchens, he is an extremely motivated individual who strives for excellence in all areas of his life, which has been a strong attribute to his successful career as a Chef. His love for haute cuisine has him emphasizing local products and good quality which leads to good living. Chef Marco shops locally when possible and sources out the best product for each menu item to create the ultimate dining experience.

Tuesday, July 07 2015



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