Here is a little history about classical carpaccio

Beef carpaccio known to Italians simply as carpaccio, is one of the most famous of Italian antipasti but the version most people are familiar with, thin beef slices macerated in olive oil and lemon, adorned with arugula and shavings of Parmesan cheese; is actually more precisely carne cruda all’Albese, a Piedmontese dish.

Our cuisine style here at Sparkling Hill is taking influences from different cultures and styles to create a unique dish with profiles to turn classical recipes such as carpaccio to an incredible signature dish.
From the start of our process in developing this dish, we have taken steps to insure a unique dish. That is evident in our choice of beef and so much other subtle but unique approaches we have taken. We use a wagyu eye of round cut to give to highest grade of beef. A blend of pineapple juice, soy sauce and spices is what gives our dish it’s main profile, as we marinate our beef for 24 hours before any seasoning has been added.

We wanted a carpaccio that was not only appealing from a flavour stand point but also a dish that was also appealing visually.

This dish is a good introduction into our summer season. Bold flavors, a sweet undernote that compliments a beef of the highest quality.

To see more of our delectable dishes, go to our “DINING” page on www.sparklinghill.com

About Chef Romaine Newell:

Chef Romaine Newell and his team have come up with a new delicious and healthy menu, believing in farm to table and seasonal ingredients we are extremely excited to introduce this unique menu! Experience a surprising twist on healthy options! Take in the sunset as you begin your meal in a luxurious atmosphere illuminated with Swarovski crystals. As daylight slowly fades, the radiant brilliance of our Swarovski crystal chandeliers and the warm glow emanating from inset fireplaces imbue PeakFine with glamour and warmth for an unforgettable dining experience.

Friday, July 07 2017

Posted by: Chef Romaine Newell


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