Acupuncture is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM), which is a system of medicine over 3000 years old.  According to TCM, the body is composed of qi (pronounced chee) and yin and yang.  Qi is life force, which moves through our body along meridians, that correlate with the body’s internal organs.  Yin and yang are two different, but complementary energies that always exist together.  When our qi is flowing properly, the forces of yin and yang are in balance, and we are in a state of health and wellness.  When the body is in dis-ease, our qi is not flowing properly, our yin and yang are out of balance.  And this is when we can use acupuncture to help bring the body back to health.  Acupuncture points, which are like little “well points” along the meridians of qi, help us influence the qi in different ways.  For instance, if someone has a fever, and is feeling very hot, we may want to insert needles into acupuncture points that help to release heat.  If someone has pain in the body, we may use points that encourage qi to move, as often this can indicate a stagnation of qi.

There are endless health benefits to acupuncture.  Most commonly, we hear of it used to treat various kinds of pain conditions, but it can be used from anything from headaches to arthritis, digestive conditions, anxiety, menopause and other hormonal conditions, depression, sleep issues, and fertility.  Perhaps the most obvious benefit I see in my experience practicing acupuncture, is the profound state of relaxation that most people feel during their treatment and even for days afterwards.  Once the needles are inserted, the body goes into a state of relaxation, and often people will fall asleep.  This is usually followed by a great sleep that night!  Depending on the person and their health concern, we may want to ideally do a few sessions over a few weeks, but often, people will feel relief and benefits after only one or two treatments.

Both of our Naturopathic Doctors in the KurSpa are licensed to perform acupuncture, and are excited to introduce you to this unique and beneficial treatment.

Friday, July 07 2017

Posted by: Sparkling Hill Resort


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