Reflecting on our time at Sparkling Hill and participation in the “Stay Young and Healthy Program”.
As twin sisters living in different cities, we make time for a day out together on our birthday a priority. Our husbands and children understand the importance of this.

In 2010 the President and CEO of Sparkling Hill, Mr. Hans Peter Mayr, introduced the newly opened wellness hotel and its philosophy to the Kelowna Capri Rotary Club. Karol is a member of the Club and was captivated! A month later, Karol guided Karen on a “Mystery Trip” driving towards Vernon over unpaved Commonage Road, arriving at Sparkling Hill. Karen was in awe!

Mr. Mayr welcomed us warmly and gave us a tour of the KurSpa complete with a cold sauna treatment – with him in his suit and tie! We felt totally relaxed and pampered after the spa treatment Karol had arranged and a rest in the tea room. Our husbands joined us for a tour of the full resort with Mr. Mayr. After a lovely birthday dinner in PeakFine, it was hard to leave to drive back to Kelowna. We resolved to stay overnight the following year, and a tradition was born.

We enjoyed our birthday “Couples Escape” for the next three years, and felt rejuvenated each time. We appreciate the caring staff in all areas of the resort and it is wonderful to see so many familiar staff when we return.

Each time we visit we deliberately choose to turn off technology and only briefly check messages once a day. We do not make phone calls and the car remains parked from arrival to departure – a true retreat.
We read about the “Stay Young and Healthy Program for 55+” and were tempted. After reflecting on how we could justify the expense and time away from our spouses, we realized that this was an invaluable opportunity. We tend to overextend ourselves in our professional and personal lives to support others.

This program’s seven night stay gives a true personal “time out”  and provides an opportunity to focus on wellness and revitalization.

Our conscious effort to relax and surrender to the treatments maximizes the benefit. The practitioners reinforce the effect of the treatment they provide by including specific exercises, and reinforcing the need to rest afterwards. Classes such as guided meditation focus on the essential “mindful” component of wellness. Each day we noticed a decrease in muscle tension and practitioners who provided a massage early in the week feel the knots disappearing in subsequent treatments. Paul, the Kinesiologist now offers a Healthy Backs class among others, to focus on another important aspect of overall health and wellbeing.

Sharing time and the experience together is the gift we give to each other. We cherish this time at Sparkling Hill as a total escape. The benefits to our mental and physical health last long after leaving this “wellness resort”.

We have just completed our second annual birthday Program week here, and are planning again for next year. We find we can’t stop smiling!

by Karol and Karen

Saturday, October 10 2015

Posted by: Sparkling Hill Resort


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