Welcome to Sparkling Hill Resort, refreshed, renewed and open to provide you with unparalleled service and amenities preceding our annual closure. Our dedicated team worked day and night to ensure a deep clean was achieved, paying attention to the finest of details.

This year’s focus on in room amenities for every guest ensuring a delightful experience upon arrival, into your room where you will find your personal Spa Welcome Amenities waiting for you.
A new line of in room toiletries has been introduced with the intention of a continuation of health and wellness enhancement during your in room experiences. The “Gilchrist & Soames” Stem collection is uniquely designed to enhance the overall experience for guests and bring a sense of luxury and retreat to any space. The Stem Collection; with its name, design and natural fragrance of cooling cucumber water, juicy melon dew, white tea and teakwood, this eco-friendly collection delivers powerful nutrients to hair, skin and body, leaving guests feeling relaxed, refreshed and reconnected to their environment.

KurSpa has been refreshed and rejuvenated in all areas. Our Steams & Saunas area will now host a unique water feature from our own back yard. This local sourced Cedar tree was carved in house with over 320 man hours from our maintenance team. The beautiful piece stands 10 feet tall as a feature in the center of our steams and saunas resting area where 2 drinking fountains on either side bringing you a fresh sip of water to rehydrate before, during and after each experience.

Our four legged guests travelling to our Pet Friendly rooms will also enjoy new heated flooring in each room making for a clean and comfortable stay for everyone.
The team at Sparkling Hill Resort

Thursday, February 02 2017

Posted by: Sparkling Hill Resort


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