Sparkling Hill - A Relationship Program (SHaRP)


“No man is an island entire of itself”, John Donne famously proclaimed over four hundred years ago.

Today, this sadly has become less true. Research shows that people are coming increasingly interpersonally isolated for a variety of reasons, most importantly that of the internet and mobile phones.  Furthermore, research demonstrates that social isolation shortens the human life span. Somebody with a poor relationship network is twice as likely to die as someone who has a healthy one.  That is a bigger risk than from smoking cigarettes, being overweight or being alcohol dependent.

Though relationships are the greatest binding force of our lives and crucial for our health, few of us are getting its maximum benefits.  Here at Sparkling Hill Resort, we understand that optimized relationships enhance the quality of human lives and we strive to get them optimized, alongside our focus on physical health programs. We are proud to offer guests the unparalleled opportunity of SHaRP where they will work closely with Dr. Strauss, our resort psychiatrist (please see more about him here)

The package offers you personal meetings with him at the beginning and end of the program, a group education session about human relationships, and a highly interactive and entertaining workshop. It takes place over the course of three days within the beautiful surroundings of our luxurious health-focused resort. 

Guests who have completed the SHaRP report that they experience a remarkable, continued enhancement of all of their relationships, whether it is at work, romantic or relationships that started after taking the program. Please click here to access previous guests' reviews of this program.

SHaRP can also be experienced as an addition to other weeklong Wellness Packages.  For more information, please feel free to contact KurSpa Reception directly at: 250-541-2155 or via email:

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