Exclusive Amenities with Your Stay at Sparkling Hill Resort

Our exclusive amenities are included complimentary as part of your stay at Sparkling Hill. Unparalleled in the world of holistic wellness and inspired by nature, these traditional approaches to Health & Wellness as well as resort offerings are valued at over $100 per guest per stay. As one of the few hotels with indoor pools capable of being equipped with handilift, we ensure our special amenities are accessible to all guests. With both complimentary amenities and special enhancements to select from, Sparkling Hill Resort ensures you have an unforgettable experience.

Resort Amenities

Daily Hot European-inspired Buffet Breakfast for Two at PeakFine Restaurant

Served in our PeakFine dining room, enjoy the tastes and nutrition of Europe within a natural ambiance. Our free breakfast is available to all of our guests at the resort and is the best way to start off your day.

Complimentary Resort WiFi

WiFi is provided complimentary at the Resort; however, we encourage guests to disconnect from the outside world as often as possible for optimum health & wellness benefits.

Valet Parking

Our experienced valets would be delighted to take care of your car and assist with your luggage. One vehicle per room is complimentary. Please note there will be a $20/per day for each additional vehicle.

European Spa Philosophy

The cycle of healing and holistic rejuvenation is one of heat, cold, rest and invigorating repetition. Kniepp Hydrotherapy as well as our Steam Rooms and Saunas are built around this principle. Move through the different saunas and steam rooms by alternating between hot, cold and rest with rehydration to receive the maximum health benefits.

KurSpa Inclusions

Aqua Meditation (Steam) 30°C

Escape to a blissful state. The sound of water gently dripping into a Swarovski Crystal basin, subdued light, cushioned seating, calming music, and orange essence create a restful environment. Step into Aqua Meditation before or after your steam or sauna.

Rose (Steam) 38°C

Rose’s sweet scents surround you in this fragrant steam as heated wall tiles embedded with rose petals gently release their aromas. This luxurious steam room creates a romantic ambiance that lifts spirits and balances moods.

Salt (Steam) 40°C

Enhance concentration, slow aging, and smooth wrinkles in this serene salt cavern. Brine-infused water droplets fill the air, simulating a pure natural salt cave. The high salt content cleanses and significantly reduces stress as well as aids in clearing common cold symptoms. Herbal-scents create a comfortable and soothing environment. Drift away into a state of serenity.

Crystal (Steam) 42°C

Discover an alluring and mystical atmosphere in this softly-lit crystal steam room. Swarovski crystal elements create an effect of infinite time and space as eucalyptus aromatics energize and uplift.

Herbal (Sauna) 60°C

Traditional beams of imported European wood combine with pine aromatics, creating a sense of being in the great outdoors. An iron basket filled with stones is heated and effortlessly maneuvered into a copper basin of water, creating an impressive burst of steam and sizzle. The resulting humidity and heat promotes the cleansing of lungs and provides a surge of moisture for your skin.

Panorama (Sauna) 80°C

Colour and light take a new form. Look out on panoramic views of green forested hills plunging into deep blue Lake Okanagan. Hosting a mild temperature, the dry heat calms the body while promoting balance and harmony of mind and spirit. Moderate temperatures assist the body in releasing tension and stimulating the glandular system. Higher temperatures stimulate your body’s circulatory system.

Finnish - Classic (Sauna) 90°C

This sauna is true to the European spa tradition with walls and benches of gently polished wood. With the temperature between 80°C and 110°C and a low 10% humidity, it is ideal for cleansing your skin and lungs. Once you are comfortably seated, allow your eyes to draw upwards to the ceiling to appreciate beautiful hand painted art inspired by Michelangelo.

Igloo 10°C

Recommended after a sauna or steam to reduce your body temperature. Chilled silver tiles and floor are glazed with Swarovski crystal lacquer, reflecting a simple elegance in this refreshing environment. Crackling ice sounds fill the air, while peppermint and eucalyptus scents invigorate the senses. A fountain releases crushed ice - which you can rub onto your skin as an exhilarating way to stimulate circulation and revitalize your spirit.

Experience Showers

Slip within shell-like showers and surround yourself with the primal pleasure of falling water. Invigorating shower heads stimulate skin from many angles leaving you with a new-found surge of sensory and whole-body awareness. Some of the showers offer experiential options such as: tropical and thunder rain, spray and side massage nozzles, side and overhead shower, colour exchange lighting, plus fragrant eucalyptus, orange and mandarin scents.

Outdoor Infinity Pool

Enjoy spectacular views from KurSpa's outdoor infinity pool, with its panoramic views of Lake Okanagan and surrounding vistas. Access the outdoor pool year-round from the indoor pool or from the surrounding patio area.

Indoor Serenity Pool

Be captivated by soft underwater music and Swarovski crystals glittering above as you slip through the warm clear water. The KurSpa pools are naturally treated with salt water. With the Hot Pool just steps away, discover a spacious retreat to relax and soak. The indoor pool is able to be equipped with a handilift chair for easy accessibility.

Indoor Hot Pool

Our elegant and spacious hot pool, located next to the indoor pool, is a perfect retreat to rest and relax. Step in and follow the jets counter clockwise for maximum benefits. The hot pool is able to be equipped with a handilift chair for easy accessibility.

Kneipp Hydrotherapy

Healing with water is one of the ancient touch stones of creating whole-body wellness. Father Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) documented the benefits of hydrotherapy for reducing or curing certain diseases and ailments during his 19th century research. KurSpa’s Kneipp Hydrotherapy, or water-stepping, is based on Kneipp's theory which remains popular in Europe to this day. This simple and effective process uses thermo-therapy to cause the blood vessels to expand and contract, giving "nature a helping hand" by stimulating and invigorating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, relaxing the nervous system, reducing swelling, increasing the body’s defense against varicose veins, and relaxing aching muscles. Move from hot to cold in a specific counter-clockwise progression for the optimum effect.

Fitness Studio

Our fitness studio is designed with the newest and most advanced Keiser fitness equipment. All equipment works on air pressure to increase and decrease resistance. It is completely versatile and able to accommodate a wide range of users, from the preventative to the professional athlete.

Serenity Relaxation Room

A quiet, peaceful retreat where you may be still after or in-between treatments. Simple and elegant European-inspired spa furnishings with an awe-inspiring view of the Monashee Mountains and Lake Okanagan bestow a calm silent ambiance as no talking is permitted in this space.

Tea Room

Sipping herbal tea after a relaxing treatment delivers health benefits and enhances your journey to wellness. Socialize and relax over a cup of your favorite herbal tea or freshly infused water. Available until 9 p.m. daily.

Additional Enhancements to Your Stay

In addition to our complimentary exclusive amenities, Sparkling Hill Resort offers add ons at an additional cost to make your experience here a memorable one. Hand-crafted gourmet chocolates, fresh local fruit plates and sparkling wine or ciders delivered straight to your room to highlight any occasion with our enhancements to your stay menu. We highly recommend you complement your stay with a three course dinner at PeakFine, standard on any of our packages, to make your evenings at Sparkling Hill Resort special.