Cryo Cold Treatments at the Wellness Clinic at KurSpa - Sparkling Hill Resort

The Cryo Cold Chamber -the signature wellness treatment of KurSpa at Sparkling Hill Resort - although fairly popular in Europe, is still relatively new to North America.

How it works

The Wellness Clinic at KurSpa is the only location in North America to offer the three chamber approach to Cryo treatments and uses oil not liquid nitrogen. Guests become quickly used to the cold and any residual moisture evaporates from the skin within the first two chambers so that by the time they enter the -110 °C chamber the cold is quite bearable due to the almost 0% humidity. Guests then stay in the third chamber for a total of 3 minutes and are lead through the experience by one of our KurSpa professionals, who remains inside the chamber at all times to encourage participants, while another KurSpa team member is outside monitoring the time. The blood vessels quickly build a protection zone while the core body temperature is maintained. The effect of this whole-body treatment is systemic, whereby during and after the cold treatment, the nervous and circulatory systems are given a boost for an overall better wellbeing. For a longer-lasting wellness approach, subsequent treatments are suggested. As one of our signature treatments, the Cryo Cold Chamber is our only treatment that is available to the public, without a stay at Sparkling Hill.


Please speak to one of our KurSpa professionals before commencing treatment if you have any overall wellness concerns.


Information contained on Sparkling Hill Resort’s website is for informational purposes only. Whole body cryosauna is not recommended as a form of treatment for any illness or disease. The cryosauna is not a medical device and should not be considered a medical device. This equipment has not been tested and therefore, not approved by the Health Canada, FDA or any other government agencies. The results may vary and will depend on the commitment to the treatment program recommended by KurSpa’s professionals, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of cold sauna treatments

Athletes and Recovery Time

A growing application for Cryo Cold Chamber treatments is aiding in the general wellness for athletes. It can assist athletes with an adrenalin boost and an overall wellbeing. To maximize your benefit of the Cryo Cold Chamber it is recommended that you complete a series of treatments once or twice daily over the course of 10 to 30 days.

Pricing Packages and Inquiries

Single/Introductory Treatment | $45
Ten Treatments | $300

To book a treatment, please contact KurSpa directly at 250.541.2155.

Note: the Cryo Cold Chamber is closed on Wednesdays for maintenance.

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