Am I truly/sincerely/unconditionally happy? Is this what my life is supposed to be? Am I lovable? Do I really like myself?

Why are we not communicating anymore? Does my partner ever listen to me? How can we make this relationship even stronger/better? What is the next step?

Am I really better off? Was divorce the right decision? Are the kids happy with our arrangement?

My children don’t talk to me anymore about the things they used to. Do I have a healthy relationship with my family? How can we enrich our family home?

How can I improve my friendship with my friends? Are my friends really my friends?

Our FOCUS program is completely customized to your needs by our very own Dr. Pieter Strauss. This program will help you Facilitate, Orchestrate, Converge, Unite and Strengthen your relationship with yourself, partner, family and/or friends.

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