Kneipp Hydrotherapy at KurSpa

The Aqua Area

Father Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) documented the benefits of hydrotherapy for reducing or curing certain diseases and ailments during his 19th century research. KurSpa is pleased to offer the Kneipp Hydrotherapy, or water-stepping, based on Kneipp's theory. This age-old treatment stimulates and invigorates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, relaxes the nervous system, reduces swelling, increases the body's defense against varicose veins, and relaxes aching muscles.

Kneipp Therapy is simple and effective, using thermo-therapy to cause the blood vessels to expand and contract, giving "nature a helping hand". The Kneipp Pools are recessed into the floor so guests can effortlessly step down knee-deep into the meandering channels alternating between warm and cold water every 20 or 30 steps through the stream.

Explore the Aqua Area’s many pools below, for natural Kneipp Hydrotherapy at our wellness spa.

Indoor Salt Water Pool 

Be captivated by soft underwater music and Swarovski crystals glittering above as you slip through the warm clear water. The KurSpa pools are naturally treated with salt water. Hot Pool Just steps away from the indoor pool, discover a spacious retreat to relax and soak. The indoor pool is also able to be equipped with a handilift chair for easy accessibility. 

Outdoor Infinity Pool 

From here to infinity. That's the view from KurSpa's spectacular outdoor infinity pool with panoramic views of Lake Okanagan and its surrounding vistas. The outdoor pool is accessed from the indoor pool area or from the surrounding patio.

Indoor Hot Pool

Elegant and spacious hot pool located next to the indoor pool.  The hot pool is also able to be equipped with a handilift chair for easy accessibility.