SHaRP Programs

As humans, social networks play a vital role in maintaining overall health and wellness. Research suggests that in our modern world, people are becoming increasingly isolated due to the advent of new technology in the digital era. Social media has taken over as a form of staying connected and has created a disconnect in our interpersonal relationships. Part of the Wellness Clinic at KurSpa, the SHaRP program looks at optimizing relationships - from romantic relationships to the family unit to workplace relationships. Under the guidance of our Psychiatrist Dr. Pieter Strauss, guests are provided the mental tools to help them optimize their relationships and reconnect with those around them. The SHaRP program can also be experienced as an addition to other Health & Wellness Packages. For more information, please contact KurSpa reception at 250-541-2155 or by email at


“To me, the ShaRP program was an answer to a prayer for better relationships. I was encouraged and renewed about our marriage and gained “tools” to work at it. Pieter’s passion to help us was a great motivator”

- Patsy Yenkana, Abbotsford, BC

“Dr. Strauss and his spouse have so much love to give; we enjoyed every minute in their company. We came home with hearts filled with lightness and love, and we will work hard to not get sucked into the daily whirlwind. We loved all of his suggestions and will definitely be interested in SHaRP 201.”

- HG

“This is an affirming program, much needed in today’s world, and a great environment for it to be done in. I cannot wait for a follow-up program!”

- Mak Danyluk, Midway, BC

Dr. Pieter Strauss, SHaRP Programs and Wellness Lead

Originally from South Africa, Dr. Strauss was head of the Psychiatry Department at a regional hospital and responsible for overseeing nine psychiatrist there until he decided to focus on his own practice and developing programs for Sparkling Hill. His unique SHaRP program aims to enhance long term relationships through a one-of-a kind healing program at Sparkling Hill Resort. Offering programs intended for singles, couples, families and the workplace, the SHaRP program, developed by Dr. Strauss and unique to Sparkling Hill, revolutionizes how we understand human attachment in contemporary society.

Sparkling Hill - A Relationship Program


Start the program with a confidential relationship evaluation to be completed online by participants prior to arrival. On Day 1 of the program, participants begin with a one-on-one session with Dr. Strauss to go over the results of the SHaRPIE. The group of participants in the program will also meet for dinner in the evening to get to know each other before the group workshops.

The Three Pillars:

On the morning of Day 2, participants will join a three hour interactive group lecture led by Dr. Strauss to learn the tools needed to optimize your relationships. Following a break for lunch, Dr. Strauss will lead a two hour group workshop, “Practice Makes Perfect”, in which guests learn to apply the tools presented in the morning based on their specific personality traits discovered on Day 1.

Finishing Touches:

A final relationship session is held with Dr. Strauss to go over what has been learned during the program and tips for what you should do in the future.

2 Night SHaRP Singles Program

Tired of looking for love in all the wrong places - of always seeming to choose the wrong person? SHaRP for Singles focuses on the right ways to attract the love you deserve and how to make sure you develop your next romance into a healthy relationship.

2 Night SHaRP Couples Program

SHaRP for Couples focuses on enriching long term romantic relationships. Whether you’ve hit a bit of a rough patch or feel a bit disconnected from one another due to the stresses of everyday life, our specialists will help you improve the quality of your relationship.

2 Night SHaRP LGBTQ Program

Our SHaRP LGBTQ Couples program runs parallel to our Couples Program but is specifically geared toward LGBTQ couples and the unique challenges they face in committed relationships.

2 Night SHaRP Recently Divorced Program

Ending a relationship is traumatic, regardless of the reasoning behind the separation. SHaRP for the Recently Divorced helps you heal from the pain of your unsuccessful relationship and helps set you on the right path for healthier and more fulfilling relationships in the future.

2 Night SHaRP Families Program

Generational gaps can make it difficult to relate to a parent or child. Connect and communicate better with your family through the SHaRP Families program.

Effective Workplace Communication - 2 Night SHaRP Workplace Communication Retreat

Offered as either an individual or corporate retreat, this program focuses on the interactions between colleagues and equipping participants to better handle stresses in the workplace - improve listening skills, learn how to handle conflict and negative attitudes, and more.