SHaRP Testimonals

Real testimonials of past participants:

"We wanted to send a very heartfelt thank you for the time you spent with us, and for all of the amazing tools and information you have shared to help make our already wonderful marriage even better.  We are both excited to implement the changes (which will take some time) and are committed to doing so. I just know that thanks to you and your brilliant approach to improving relationships, not only will our marriage be filled with more love, respect and joy, we can also utilize the tools to improve all of our other relationships as well. In some ways I feel Tim may have gotten even more out of your program than I, which was a bit of a surprise and a huge bonus. Our friends are very serious about contacting you and scheduling their own SHaRP program ... [We] discussed going together every year for a refresher course!" -- Colleen and Tim Larkin, Spokane, Washington

"I would recommend this program to any of my friends, and will definitely return for a follow-up program again." -- Susan B.

"To me, the SHaRP was an answer to a prayer for better relationships. I was encouraged and renewed about our marriage, and gained "tools" to work at it. Pieter's passion to help us was a great motivator." -- Patsy Yenkana, Abbotsford, BC.

"The SHaRP is a great, solid program for handling relationships. I loved that we did it as a couple. It helped us regain our connection." -- Jeanette H.

"The SHaRP is such an informative and safe program, like an oasis in the desert. It was fantastic listening to Dr. Strauss, and from the moment we arrived in Sparkling Hill's beautiful setting, we felt relaxed. The meetings, seminar and workshop brought us together in a way we had not experienced for a long time." -- Karin de Beer.

"I do believe the SHaRP is a program that will not only help people have great relationships, but will change the way one conducts oneself at work, with friends and family. I left feeling encouraged, positive and excited to go home and practice the skills I learned over the course of the weekend." -- MG.

"Pieter is a great leader and presenter of the SHaRP. I loved also having a great time in between segments of the program, enjoying Sparkling Hill." --  Estelle H.

"The SHaRP is life-changing! Pieter is so gifted in empowering people to tackle their challenges full-on. I will never forget the SHaRP. It is going to change my life forever." -- Janet West.

"The SHaRP: sensitive, thorough, empathetic, educational, motivational, spritual! Pieter brings great rapport and insight to this program." -- Nico Human, Armstrong, BC.

"Dr. Strauss has a true passion for enabling people to grow the skills that are needed to build and maintain successful and meaningful relationships. (I believe it will even work for extraterrestrials who have the occasional relationship problem in the cramped quarters of an intergalactic spaceship!) I cannot recommend it more highly -- it is really something you have to experience for yourself." -- Pete T, Chicago, Illinois.

"This is an affirming program, much needed in today's world, and a great environment for it to be done in. I cannot wait for a follow-up program!" -- Mark Danyluk, Midway, BC.

"Dr. Strauss and his spouse have so much love to give; we enjoyed every minute in their company. We came home with hearts filled with lightness and love, and we will work hard to not get sucked into the daily whirlwind. We loved all of his suggestions and will definitely be interested in SHaRP 201." -- HG.

"The SHaRP was a fun and enlightening weekend. The insights were very helpful. We would lik to repeat this some time next year, even!" -- Kevin and Carol S, West Vancouver, BC.