SHaRP Workplace CorporateTestimonials


Here is what our SHaRP Workplace Corporate Program participants had to say:


- "Attending The SHaRP Workplace with Dr. Strauss was a great experience for the Armour Management Team. Dr. Strauss provides a fun, warm and safe environment to learn together. I feel this will help our team's communication become less guarded and help us solve tough issues. On an individual basis the skills Dr. Strauss taught will help me resolve interpersonal struggles. Thank you very much for helping us make Armour an  even more awesome place to work".

- "Dr Strauss, your positive energy was enough to be helpful; but I really did take away the principle of "how to deal with the bad". This will help me in my office setting and in my personal life. One thing you said sticks with me and I have been working on it: to be so grateful that it spills into every part of your life. I have been really trying to live my life in the positive as much as possible and you have helped me by reinforcing this. I also would like to say that I feel as if I was given a gift by meeting you".

- "I found my individual session was extremely uplifting. It gave me additional confidence in my day-to-day and some non-threatening areas for improvement. The group session was incredibly valuable for the group as a whole, as well as for its individual members. It helped us to engage even better and actively participate in solving problems together. Thanks for the experience!"

- "Pieter has opened my eyes to my strengths and vulnerabilities. In the past I never felt totally included in being with Armour Insurancec but after spending time with him, I understand why I have felt that way, and what my responsibilities are to correct that view. I also realized how valuable I am as a person and manager. Thanks to the positive things Dr. Strauss revealed to me, I am more confident in my journey with the company and know that I have wonderful things to offer".

- "I feel that The SHaRP Workplace helped the Armour Manager Team greatly as a whole. It seemed that everyone was able to open up and discuss matters that were bothering them in the past , but had not brought them forth to the group before. We all felt more at ease with each other and we enjoyed ourselves. Thank you Dr. Strauss for such a wonderful and enlightening experience. We all loved spending time with you and thoroughly enjoyed your sense of humour".

- "The experience was fun, engaging and supported our belief that the company is exciting, vibrant and responsive. The leadership team left the session with tools to better explore, understand, support, and implement solutions for circumstances and issues involving employees. The focus was on finding solutions and solving challenges in a way that is good for the employee, the leadership and the company. Understanding that conflict challenges us to find the strength to develop the best solutions we can for the company and everyone involved. I believe our leadership team is more open and stronger because of this experience. Thank you Dr. Strauss."