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As we celebrate everything that makes our industry so exceptional during National Tourism Week, one area worth highlighting is the vast career potential for anyone interested in tourism and hospitality. This field offers huge growth potential, the ability to travel and see world-class properties and destinations first hand, and the opportunity to have a real impact by providing a memorable and lasting experience for the guests you serve. For anyone thinking that this industry might be where their passion lies, here are three tips to help you thrive in your hospitality and tourism career:

1) Your Greatest Advantage is You
It is easy to teach someone how to make beds, how to carry three plates, or how to book a reservation. What cannot be taught is a person’s characteristics. Bringing an energetic attitude, a clear passion for what you do and for serving the guest, a strong work ethic, and an openness to learn are far more valuable attributes than the specific skills you might have from your work experience. Just about anything in hospitality can be learned, and there will be willing teachers throughout your career. If you can demonstrate those intangible strengths that make you stand apart, you will find people who are happy to teach you the skills to grow your career.

This industry is all about the people who provide the experience, and if you can display an aptitude for creating a fantastic level of service for your guest, you will be off to a fantastic start.

2) Education Is Not Everything
The above statement is not meant to discount the importance of gaining an education. Studies in tourism and hospitality can set you up with fantastic skills that can be applied to a successful career. However, education is only one piece of the picture. I have met countless graduates of a tourism and hospitality program who graduate and expect to step directly into a management role, yet they have never really worked in a hotel for any length of time, nor had to oversee employees before. Gaining some real-life experience in a hospitality and/or supervisory role can make a big difference and allow you to put some of the theoretical skills learned in education to practical use.

As I said, this is not meant to dissuade anyone from pursuing their education. Merely some advice that equal value should be placed on some hands-on experience learning how day to day life in the industry really takes place.

3) Get Started!
Don’t wait! There is so much that is rewarding about working in this industry. From the diverse people you meet from across the world to the fantastic opportunities for learning and advancement, tourism and hospitality is a very worthwhile place to grow your career. Don’t be afraid to actively build your resume. Want to be a Front Office Manager? Take a job in Housekeeping and learn the ins and outs of that crucial department! Want to be an Executive Chef? Take a job in the kitchen as a Prep Cook and work to actively learn new culinary skills! The opportunities are endless, so long as you show your passion for what you do and where you want to go.

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Conagher Jones
Operations Manager, Sparkling Hill Resort