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Cryo Cold Chamber

-110° Cryo Cold Chamber

Experience Sparkling Hill’s Cryo Cold Chamber, KurSpa’s signature wellness treatment, and begin to feel the benefits within your first session.

With the guidance and direction of Dr. Pieter Strauss, this Cold Chamber provides a Cryotherapy treatment. This involves spending up to three minutes in a room set at -110°C. The chamber is dry cold which makes it comfortable. In the fully-monitored chamber wearing light clothing, socks and shoes, a protective head band, face mask and gloves, the skin temperature drops to 5°C. The blood vessels quickly build a protection zone while the core body temperature is maintained. The effect of this whole-body treatment is systemic, whereby during and after the cold treatment, the nervous and circulatory systems are given a boost. For longer-lasting results, subsequent treatments are suggested.

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Available Daily From 9 AM To 5 PM Except Wednesdays

Introductory Cryo Chamber Experience


10 Treatments


Frequently Asked Questions

How does one prepare for the sessions?

  • There is little to no preparation required for a cold sauna treatment
  • Some mild stretching could be performed prior to treatment but is not necessary; the goal of cold sauna treatments is to cool the body.

What is the best attire?

  • To gain the full cooling benefits of the cold sauna, it is recommended guests wear a dry bathing suit (no metal) with socks and closed toe shoes. Shorts and a t-shirt are also acceptable. Remember, the goal is to cool the body. The more skin that is showing the greater benefit the cold will have.
  • Protective head bands, face masks and mittens are provided

Can you wear contact lens? Glasses? What about jewelry? Can you leave a hearing aid in?

  • Contact lenses are ok to wear. Eye glasses and jewelry are not allowed because of the intense cold. We would recommend not wearing hearing aids as many are temperature sensitive.

Is there anything a person can’t do immediately before or immediately after the session?

  • We ask that before a cold sauna treatment session that you DO NOT exercise, drink any alcoholic beverages or partake in any of the sauna or steam rooms.
  • Generally speaking, try not to raise your body temperature before your treatment
  • We also ask that you come dry as excessive moisture on the skin may cause burning
  • After a cold sauna treatment, the same heat rules apply

Please avoid hot tubs, pools, saunas, steams, and hot beverages as the increases in body temperature will counteract what was just achieved with the cold sauna treatment. The abrupt change in temperature may also cause unwanted nausea, headache, or dizziness.

**Movement classes or light exercise are acceptable to perform after a cold sauna treatment

Do you have a pre-treatment checklist to ensure that all of the preparation has been completed?

  • Before entry into the cold sauna, our qualified practitioners will make sure that you have not forgotten to take any jewelry or other objects that may affect the treatment. We will also check to make sure that your mask and head band and gloves are covering the necessary body parts.

How many people can be in the cold room at the same time?

  • A maximum of 4 people can be in the cold sauna at the same time. A qualified practitioner will also guide, assist and motivate clients while in the cold sauna.

How should the 10 sessions be scheduled for maximum benefit?

  • We recommend a 5-10 day treatment plan of 3 treatments per day to yield maximum benefit. Treatments should be spaced 3-4 hours apart.

Would 5 sessions yield the same benefit?

  • 5 sessions would not yield the same potential benefits as 10 or more (for both short and long term effects)
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After almost two decades of treating pain and inflammation with Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) and pain medication, each with its own negative side effect, whole body Cryo therapy provided me with an alternative, drug-free way to manage my chronic back and arthritic joint pain. I first discovered this alternative treatment about a decade ago while in at a medical spa in Poland. I was beyond thrilled to discover that the same treatment exists at Sparkling Hill Resort, the only full facility of its kind in North America. Having a cryo therapy clinic in Canada has allowed me to get the treatments twice a year, as currently the treatments last for about 6 – 9 months. I take a series of treatments, after which I leave the Resort energized, pain-free and ready to resume life’ s daily activities and challenges.

MARIA R.Oakville, Ontario