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With summer in full swing and the UV index climbing most of us only have three options when dealing with the heat and the sun, hide indoors, burn, or the best option sunscreen. Most sun screens are very effective and range from a tanning oil with an SPF rating of 5- 15 but can climb up into the very high levels of SPF 60 or even 80. Although using sunscreen of any type is a great idea when out in the sun there are natural alternatives for individuals looking for a less chemical version of protection when out in the sun.

A common an easily acquirable option if you’re looking for a good tan while still protecting yourself is Coconut Oil which will provide an SPF of roughly 4-6. This is a great one to use if you are looking for a golden look but still want little more resistance.

Another alternative that gives a strong level of protection is Zinc Oxide which depending on home much is used (within reason) an SPF of between 2 (minimal application) to 20 (liberal application). Many sunscreens both natural and chemical based do have Zink as a primary ingredient.

Lastly the strongest protection can be found in Raspberry seed oil and Carrot seed oil which range from an SPF of 25 -50. This ingredient is used in moderation and normally applied in a carrier lotion.
Blends of the above mixture have been and are still used in many natural sunscreens may producers of such oils will also add other ingredients like Shay butter or Bees wax and even almond oils. If you decide to branch out and make your own do make sure to avoid using citrus oils as they are phototoxic and may leave you with an orange glow instead of a golden brown.

Dean Tarasewich – KurSpa Manager at Sparkling Hill