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Yoga has many benefits, the feature of today’s focus will be on the Yin class, which is one of the most recognized practices of yoga that promotes healing and change. Deep stretching (stressing) of the body’s connective tissue is the Yin practice.  Sparkling Hill provides a variety of many beneficial classes to offer our guests, including the Yin/ Restorative class.  This popular practice assists in the connection of the mind, body and breath throughout the class. No restrictions to participate! This is available for all students of all ages, from beginner to advanced practitioners.

Throughout the Yin practice, connecting into breath work and opening to the edge physically. The stilling of the mind to observe, with a willingness to dig into emotions that may present, then allowing movement in mind and body through breath work, an acceptance and overall experience to embrace change and find balance in life.

The Yin practice will allow you to move through a meditative practice in physical long holds of deep postures.  Connecting into the breath and using mind and body observation of what is felt and happening as you move through the postures. It encourages you to find a place of  focused awareness of stillness while lubricating and working deep into the joints, ligaments, and fascia, promoting strength, healing and flexibility throughout the entire body. The Yin practice encourages a stronger practice as it aligns well with all other practices that we offer, including, Hatha, Restorative, Sunrise flow, and an all levels class!