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Our skin consists of 2 main layers – our dermis and epidermis (epi meaning outside layer). So the outer layer of skin that we see is actually the oldest, as the dermis is the deeper layer that regenerates, pushing the older layers upwards towards the surface. Not only does our skin protect us from the elements, it helps manufacture Vitamin D from sunlight, it helps the body regulate and detoxify through sweating, and lets us experience the world through sensation. That’s a pretty big workload! So what can we do to support our skin’s health, vitality and longevity?  As well as making it feel soft and smooth?

A lovely way to help your body’s natural skin sloughing process is through exfoliation, or removal, of the top few “dead” layers. There are 2 types of skin exfoliation mediums – chemical and physical.  Chemical exfoliation involves using a substance such as acids or enzymes to dissolve the skin whereas physical exfoliation uses an abrasive such as ground salt, sugar, nuts, shells, etc. to scratch the skin off.  Both are effective, although certain chemical exfoliants should only be used by skin care professionals to avoid injuries, burns, and/or scarring.

At KurSpa we recommend having an exfoliating scrub seasonally at minimum, so 4 times a year. This allows the skin to get rid of the old, dead skin, allowing the newer skin cells underneath to receive moisture more effectively, resulting in a lovely glow all over.

We offer 2 different types of physical exfoliations: our Maple Body Scrub is a sugar based scrub that leaves you smelling delicious whereas our Crystal Body Scrub uses extra finely ground Pink Himalayan Salt and essential oils of Juniper, Grapefruit, Orange and Fennel for their detoxifying and astringent properties. Both offer a refined skin polishing followed by a mango butter based moisture application, leaving your skin ready for summer!