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With spring around the corner our culinary team and I are getting ready to launch our spring and summer menu. We have been busy all winter long researching the best and most sustainable fish we could find in beautiful British Columbia.

One product that we came across and are very excited about having come into our kitchen and on the menu is Gindara Sable fish. This Sablefish is raised at depths of 600 feet in Kyuquot Sound, they are not a natural host of sea lice and are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones or chemical treatments. They are also raised in low densities, under the guidelines of the Seafood Watch, Ocean Wise, and SeaChoice standards for the best choice in sustainability.

Not only is it sustainability farmed it tastes out of this world, rich, buttery delicate texture. No wonder it has the nickname of “Butterfish”. Gindara Sable fish is one of the best and my new favourite Sable fish and very excited to able to bring to Sparkling Hill this spring.

John Stratton l Executive Chef

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Gindara People
Gindara is a partnership of passion for community. The Kyuquot/Checleset First Nation granted permission to operate in its territory 20 years ago.
Recognizing and ensuring the environmental stewardship of its lands, Gindara has become the largest employer in the Kyuquot/ Checleset community. Not only providing a job, but an opportunity for the future of its people within their traditional territory.

Gindara Sablefish is the only commercial scale sablefish farm in the world. Over 20 years of dedication have been invested master the art of culturing this wonderful and fantastic fish.

Gindara Sashimi

Gindara Sablefish (Black Cod) are a true sashimi fish that can be served raw, without freezing. Unlike wild Sablefish, Gindara do not suffer from kudoa or other parasites.

Gindara Sablefish are simply our best fish that must meet impeccable standards to be granted the Gindara brand. Gindara sable fish is selected from the total production to meet minimum standards for size, colour, and meat quality. Any fish that are not “straight”, have severe skin abrasions, abnormal structure, or colour, are not selected and go to another grade. Quality control is done weekly to ensure flavour, clean flesh, and flesh consistency.

Consistent in size and quality, Gindara Sablefish have a delicate but firm texture, with exquisite taste.