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What is Contrast Bathing?

Contrast bathing is a form of hydrotherapy where you repeatedly move from hot to cold environments. It is a surprisingly simple way to relax and refresh the body.  When we sit in a hot room, the heat increases our circulation by dilating our blood vessels. Our pores open, the skin begins to sweat, and muscle tension decreases.  Following this heated session, entering a cold room or shower can redirect the circulation to our core, tighten the skin, and close pores, creating a natural circulatory “flush” throughout the body.  By repeating this contrast, our body’s natural purification processes are activated and this may result in an increased sense of physical well-being.

Benefits of Hot & Cold Hydrotherapy

Traditionally used after a long day, contrast therapy encourages relaxation, detoxification, and whole-body wellness.  As our circulation is increased, oxygen is delivered in faster quantities to the body via the bloodstream, which also results in more metabolic wastes being picked up for removal from the body. Our endocrine or hormonal system experiences many benefits as well, one of the best being a reduction in cortisol (stress hormone) and an increase in endorphins (feel-good hormones). This reduction in stress hormones helps the body’s muscle tissues relax which in turn can help alleviate pain from ongoing muscular tension, like headaches, body stiffness, and reduced range of motion.

The shifting between hot and cold may also help improve your sleep patterns.  When we go from a hot to a cold environment repeatedly, our bodies are always trying to keep up, expending energy to keep cool and then to heat up again. Once bedtime comes, your body is more than ready to rest and recharge.

Take Your Time

To enjoy the maximum benefit of your experience, we recommend spending time cycling between hot, cold, and relaxation.  One way to begin your spa experience is to start in our Aqua Mediation room to unwind from the outside world and slowly warm up the body.  Enjoy this quiet space while watching water reflect on the ceiling.  At 30C and 30% humidity, this is a beautiful way to prepare the mind and body for a contrast bathing circuit.  Pick and choose between our steams, sauna, experience showers, or pool, to customize your experience.

Don’t Forget To Hydrate

When contrast bathing, it is important to stay well hydrated.  Always remember to drink water before, during, and after sessions for maximum benefit. Alcohol is not advised due to its effects on the body, including dehydration that can be compounded adversely by heated environments.  Enjoy complimentary herbal tea or refreshing flavor-infused water during your steam and sauna experience, as you relax in our Tea Room.

Reset and Disconnect

Steams and Saunas throughout Europe provide a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for people to come together, often considered a wellness social setting. Quiet conversations are allowed, however, most bathers prefer to remain silent, closing their eyes and enjoying that rare time where they have nowhere else to be and nothing else to do.  To ensure the privacy of all guests, please enjoy this cell-phone-free area where photos are not permitted, adding to that “forget-the-world” feeling.

We are delighted to offer this unique experience to our guests once more, especially as we all look for natural ways to increase our sense of well-being coming out of the pandemic.

How to Book your Sparkling Hill Steams & Saunas session

Due to public health precautions, we have a limited capacity for our steams and saunas. Kindly make a reservation through our Team by calling 1.877.275.1556 or emailing or