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The main cause of death, disease and disability in Canada today are chronic diseases and injuries. A 2011 study from Statistics Canada found that the average Canadian can expect to live 10.5 years with some level of disability. While diagnosis, treatment and care are essential for those living with health conditions, a large proportion of chronic diseases, disabilities, and injuries can be prevented or their onset can be delayed.

Internationally, prevention is recognized as a hallmark of a high-quality health system, however, in Canada, our current medical system is mainly focused on diagnosis, treatment and care. As individuals, we need to actively make preventative wellness a priority so we can prevent injury, illness and disease rather than experiencing the pain, suffering and financial burden that they can cause. Even for those living with chronic diseases or disabilities, living a healthier lifestyle can help to maintain or improve their conditions and prevent the development of additional chronic illnesses.

Eat well, exercise, and get plenty of rest. The prescription for preventative health care may sound simple, but if it were so easy why isn’t everyone following it? When presented with so many conflicting options about what makes a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, most people will choose not to make any decision by default when overwhelmed by choice.

Improving our overall health is often the result of making many incremental changes to our diet and exercise, but in our regular routine we tend to run on autopilot. That is why many Canadian’s are now choosing to add an annual wellness retreat to their calendars to focus on discovering new activities and implement healthy changes away from home.

Our popular wellness getaway destination, Sparkling Hill Resort located in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, has brought a European-inspired wellness philosophy to Canada. Adorned in 3.5 million Swarovski crystals, the wellness resort shines as a luxurious and supportive space for guests to embrace whole body wellness.

The atmosphere of our KurSpa is one of mind-body connection. KurSpa, meaning ‘healing with water’, is an oasis of water-based amenities such as the heated year-round outdoor infinity pool, the Kneipp hydrotherapy water stepping channels, and more. We encourage guests to follow our European spa philosophy of heat, cold and rest with hydration when experiencing the included amenities within KurSpa.

Our staff and wellness professionals are trained to educate guests on relaxation and wellness, striving to see a shift in their perspective during their stay and after checkout. For some guests that might include joining a fitness class or hiking the trails surrounding the resort, while for others it could mean quiet space in one of the relaxation rooms or experiencing the farm-to-table fine dining. With over 100 spa treatments to choose from, guests can benefit from the healing properties and the relaxation of treatments such as the signature Fango Mud & Muscle. Every guests’ needs are unique, and this is clearly reflected in our available packages, programs and retreats. From our 5 Nights Only for Seniors to our 2 Night Introductory Health & Wellness to our FOCUS program, our packages are designed to assist guests in meeting their specific health and wellness goals.