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Our summer version of the Pantai Luar! This service is our adaptation of an ancient Thai treatment used to treat warriors returning from battle and is an ideal massage to ease stress and strain as well as invigorate yourself for whatever life brings your way.

The process starts with a private steam spa treatment in our Asia Room overlooking the Okanagan Lake and the surrounding mountain ranges. After steaming, an application of oils is applied and an invigorating herbal poultice soaked in a lemongrass-infused water is used in a full body massage. This service is designed as a blend of relaxing muscle relief and as a stimulating experience perfect for anyone looking to refresh and invigorate themselves.

At KurSpa, we use our own blend of locally grown sage, yarrow and comfrey, along with a mixture of eucalyptus, spearmint and oat tops, which are combined with essential oils of frankincense, rosemary, lemon tea tree and sweet orange. This unique combination of herbs and oils helps the body, mind and spirit return to a place of strength and serenity, making them among the best stress relievers.
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