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If we take a moment to ponder skin; and how it is the largest organ in the human body then we can clearly see its importance in our everyday lives. It is often overlooked that the face is exposed to all elements, therefore needing special care for its function and health.

At Sparkling Hill, we have 3 exquisite facial treatments that use our new high quality line from Paris called La Biosthetique. Using these pure products we can help educate you towards your skin’s specific needs with specialty skin diagnostic tests, where we find out what exactly it is that your skin is missing.
The Customized FacialOur “Customized Facial” nourishes the skin with a gentle steam, followed by a gentle exfoliation. Our skilled estheticians then perform a deep cleanse and further exfoliation of the skin, which preps for the extraction of “milia” and “comodones” (white and black heads), as well as a light brow shaping. Your esthetician will then proceed with a light essential oil-infused massage on your face and décolleté. Removing the oil with hot towels, the skin is then receptive to your specially chosen mask addressing the needs of your skin. A moisture application consisting of a serum, eye cream, moisturizer and lip balm is then applied; finishing the facial for lasting results.

The Acne Facial

La Biosthetique prides itself on having medicated skincare that can truly help with skin ailments, which is the goal of our “Acne Facial.” This facial is 75 minutes and takes special care to address skin sensitivity and inflammation with products geared to restore and fortify the client’s natural moisture barrier which will aid in healing the skin. Acne can be the symptom of overly drying the skin, in which case our estheticians would be happy to advise easy lifestyle changes and home care to further your skin’s healing.

The Crystal Facial

The longest of our luxury facial treatments geared towards calming the inevitable effects of aging is our “Crystal Facial.” Using an exclusive “Ice Ball” technique that promotes circulation and stimulates collagen production, the ice ball glides over the skin on moisture-infused gel making this a truly unique experience. A specialized eye mask is applied which helps in relieving under eye circles and smoothing away wrinkles.

Your experience at Sparkling Hill is always finished with a list of products that were specifically picked and used in your treatment, including a full explanation on a skincare regime customized to your specific skin type.