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Minimal washing: Keep washing to an every other day or once a week routine. Although shampoo cleanses the hair it can also strip away natural oils and moisture. Keep water cool, as hot water can be part of the problem. Run oil through your hair with a wide tooth comb after every shower to allow added moisture.

Pamper yourself to a once a week blowout: Having a good blow out can be used to avoid over styling and cut back on the amount of heat used on your hair. Follow with a dry shampoo during the next couple days.

Regular trims: A great way to keep your hair in good health is getting a trim every 4-8 weeks. Even a light dusting can prevent splitting and dryness.

Deep Conditioning Treatments: During the winter months it is important to condition, condition, condition. Treat yourself to a once, every two week deep conditioning scalp treatment. Not only is your hair left moisturized but your scalp if left invigorated. This can also promote new hair growth.

Invest in great products: For this time of year it is important to have a few key items. La Biosthetique Dry hair line or Anti-Frizz line, Heat Protector, Spa Oil and Powder Spray.

Finally cover your hair with a hat or scarf. Drink plenty of water and never leave the house with wet hair.
Help yourself sparkle this season!

The KurSpa team.