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At Sparkling Hill, when we suggest to our guests that they should “go take a hike,” we always mean it in the best possible way.

The picturesque, natural surroundings outside our doors include 25km of well-marked hiking trails. These paths have become a popular feature for our international/out-of-province guests who have come to marvel at the Okanagan’s natural splendour.

There’s nothing like getting outside for some fresh air and a majestic view of Okanagan Lake. Sparkling Hill’s outdoor infinity pool is one option. Another is hiking the paths around our resort.

Whether you prefer a leisurely morning stroll or you’re looking for some good low-impact exercise, the trails around Sparkling Hill cater to hikers of all skill levels. And they provide an excellent photo op for guests looking to commemorate their stay.

An Authentic B.C. Activity

For many British Columbians, hiking is the preferred outdoor activity of choice. Dates, vacations, outings with friends. B.C. residents love to hit the trails. Some would even say it’s part of the West Coast lifestyle. We say it’s a quintessential part of your Sparkling Hill experience. 

A short trail walk around our resort is enough to make anyone feel a special connection to this beautiful land.

You’re invited to take in the flora and fauna along Deer Trail, Bobcat Trail, and Okanagan Loop Trail (just a few nearby spots). The tranquil setting is an excellent way to clear your mind.

Not feeling adventurous? Don’t worry; you won’t get lost. Our staff will provide you with an easy-to-follow map so you can decide which trail is best suited for you. Looking for a guided tour? We can do that, too. 

Experience Nature First-Hand

There is a good reason why we selected this location as the home of our European-influenced Spa. That reason will be apparent the moment you approach our resort. The breathtaking views from the floor-to-ceiling windows in your suite will help tell the story.

B.C.’s Okanagan provides some of the most stunning natural scenery in the entire world!    

It’s one thing to appreciate those views from the comfort of your room. It’s another entirely to get outside and walk amongst the surrounding flora and fauna of the province’s southern interior.

A Bit of Exercise Is Key to Mind and Body Fulfillment

You know that euphoric feeling you get after a good workout? At Sparkling Hill, that’s our goal for you every minute of your stay!

Exercise releases endorphins, the proteins that unlock the positive feelings associated with relaxation and energy.

Although people rave about our yoga fitness instructors and aquatic aerobics classes, a casual hike is the perfect “anytime” activity.

Fresh air invigorates. Movement rejuvenates. Nature inspires. Hiking helps with your balance, physical conditioning, and mental clarity.

Hiking Enhances Your KurSpa Treatments and Your Stay

At Sparkling Hill, we recommend getting a professional massage treatment right before or immediately after your hike.

The benefits of massage in conjunction with regular physical fitness are well documented.

Although most of our trails are designed for relaxation, some guests may find the hilly terrain challenging.  

A nice massage beforehand will ensure your body is adequately warmed up.

Indulging in a post-hike massage treatment will help reduce any delayed onset soreness, especially if you’re not used to walking in nature.

Hiking at Sparkling Hill can be as challenging or as laid back as you want it to be. Our spa treatments accommodate all levels of fitness.

The Perfect Ending to Your Hike

You may be inclined to freshen up after hitting the trails on a sunny day. Take a rinse in one of our experience showers, and you’ll feel right as rain.  

After your hike, you can shop at our fab resort boutique or indulge in some additional spa treatments.

Perhaps you’ll be ready for some gourmet dining

A savoury tenderloin grilled to perfection at our PeakFine restaurant tastes even better after a bit of exercise in the wilds of the Okanagan. 

An enjoyable hike is a perfect complement to any Sparkling Hill activity. 

A Nice Spot to Hit the Trails

Sparkling Hill is all about treating yourself, pampering your body, and surrounding yourself with the things that make you feel good.

It starts with the cozy robe and slippers you put on after you arrive. It continues with your exploration throughout the property, inside and out.

One visit and you’ll understand that Sparkling Hill is not just any luxury resort. We offer a rejuvenating sensory experience unlike any other. 

Bring a pair of comfortable shoes and make the most of it!

Get in touch with Sparkling Hill today to book your next B.C. retreat.