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In honouring Sparkling Hill’s European roots, and our longstanding commitment to offering guests the finest experiences, our restaurant, PeakFine, now has a special “Table d’Hôte” menu. 

People who appreciate gourmet dining understand that it’s not just about the taste of the food or satisfying one’s hunger. Sure, both are important considerations, but when indulging in the world’s finest restaurants, true epicureans know the thrill of the overall experience is what makes a meal truly memorable and unique. 

With that in mind, the executive chef at Sparkling Hill’s PeakFine restaurant has come up with something new for our resort. We now offer a menu that celebrates the idea of communal dining. It’s an enriching exchange of cultural hospitality to enhance your stay. 

A Little History

We can all agree that the French know something about inspired food. The contributions of French culture to the world of gourmet cuisine are immeasurable and indisputable!

“Table d’Hôte” entered the English lexicon in the 17th century. Inspired by the villages of France where guests at inns would be invited to dine at “the host’s table,” the idea of serving a complete meal with limited options for a single price continues to this day. 

The Rationale

Most restaurants aim to please their patrons by providing a full menu of delicious options with broad appeal. 

Restaurants with the best chefs seek to surprise and delight their patrons with signature dishes that offer their own unique flavours, textures, and appearance. 

Suggesting that a featured appetizer, main course, and dessert should all be enjoyed together in sequence is a chef’s stamp of approval for a fulfilling dining experience.

It all stems from the idea of being the best host.

Think about the last time you had new friends over for a meal or the last time you invited a romantic interest over for a home cooked dinner. You likely went above and beyond your typical plans to create an entrée that would impress your company. 

That is the thinking and the intention behind PeakFine’s latest elevated dining experience.

It’s an opportunity for our executive chefs to flex their culinary muscles and foodies everywhere to bask in the selected course combinations and optional wine pairings.  

At Sparkling Hill, good experiences are the daily special!

The Menu

Sparkling Hill’s Table d’Hôte menu, promises a meticulously curated holistic dining adventure for all. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are available.  

Lobster bisque, mushroom linguine, torched Alaska and more. Each mouthful has its own all-consuming, delectable sensation.

Are you ready to try something new and surprising? Maybe you’re craving an old favourite combined with an interesting new twist?

Our talented chefs cordially invite you to the table.

Reserve your meal at Peakfine in Sparkling Hill.