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Providing Fine Dining Experiences for Discerning Grownups This Fall/Winter in Vernon

The tastes of fall and winter 2022/2023 have arrived at PeakFine restaurant at Sparkling Hill. We’re excited to share our latest menu options.

From the cauliflower pumpkin spiced penne to the honey and thyme confit duck (with apple pumpkin cassoulet), the PeakFine fall/winter menus offer some exciting new flavours as well as some tried and true favourites. 

You don’t have to be a guest of Sparkling Hill to enjoy the best cuisine in the region; however, you do have to be at least 16 years of age. If you haven’t considered PeakFine before, this latest menu should provide all the incentives you’ll need.

PeakFine is where you go when you want to impress your palate and your dining companions. It’s a fitting choice for important business lunches, celebratory brunches, and anniversary dinners.

What is PeakFine’s specialty? Lasting memories! 

What You Will Find at PeakFine at Sparkling Hill

  • Formal dining that upholds the highest standards  
  • A luxurious setting complemented by stunning Swarovski crystals and a welcoming fireplace
  • Gorgeous panoramic views overlooking the lake
  • Friendly, knowledgeable waitstaff
  • Perfectly sized portions
  • Curated cuisine cooked to perfection
  • Mouth-watering 3-course meals
  • Seasonal options featuring the best local ingredients

What you Won’t Find at PeakFine (or anywhere else at Sparkling Hill) 


Hey, we love children, but as a health and wellness facility, our policies don’t allow anyone under 16 years of age on the premises. This is a courtesy we extend to all guests visiting the resort. We appreciate that your are well-behaved, but as we adhere to all rules and regulations, no exceptions are permitted.

After all, Moms and Dads need a little break, too.

Introducing Our Fall/Winter Menu 

Your First Course

The daily soup or the chef’s risotto is a delicious choice for warming up on a cold day. Seafood is always on the menu at PeakFine, and guests this season will enjoy calamari or a creamed lobster bisque to kick things off. Vegan options include a delicious mushroom confit that has everyone raving. People with a taste for beets (you know who you are) will adore our chef’s spiced braised offering.

Main Course

The beef tenderloin is a popular staple here at PeakFine. Tender and juicy with a shallot demi-glace, there are a host of yummy add-ons to enhance the dish (if so desired), including crispy onions, goat cheese crust, and butter-poached crab. Hearty meals abound for meat lovers as this season’s dinner menu also features bison, duck, and pork. For visitors out of province, the pan-seared Chinook salmon is a taste of the Pacific Northwest you won’t want to miss.

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth 

Is cheesecake the most fantastic dessert of all time? This sweet confection with seasonal garnishes makes a strong case. Healthy lifestyles deserve delicious rewards, and our vegan chocolate Yuzu Tart nicely fits the bill.

Our house-made sorbets, specialty coffees, and local selection of wines are the perfect way to cap off any meal.

Treat Yourself to a Night Out Without the Kids 

Vernon has dining spots that specialize in menu options for the kiddos and getting your party out the door in the shortest amount of time.

PeakFine is not that type of restaurant.

With the holidays just around the corner, you’ll have plenty of chances to hang out with the kids, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and little cousins.

PeakFine is your opportunity to soak in the atmosphere and savour every morsel and sip, distraction-free. Our focus remains on satisfying the taste buds of guests who demand the very finest.

A Place to Celebrate in Style 

At PeakFine, each plate is its own sensory experience. The aromas, textures, and immaculate presentation weave together a tale of the finest ingredients. Our storytellers in the kitchen don’t prepare meals; they create culinary journeys.   

Like any great work of art or performance, you leave the venue feeling fulfilled and content. The PeakFine dining experience sets the bar for every meal that follows.  

Let the staff at PeakFine make your dining out special. 

If you’d like to join us this season, we suggest booking your reservation soon.