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One of the natural charms of the Okanagan Valley is its remarkable beauty throughout the seasons. However, there is something a little more magical when you spend time here in the fall.

Life’s little pleasures are seemingly heightened when the air outside is slightly brisk. The feel of the sun on your face as you move outdoors. The comfort of a steaming beverage cupped in your hands. Those first few moments after stepping into a hot bath. All of these activities are enhanced by the arrival of the fall weather.

Autumn and the amenities at Sparkling Hill go together like tea and pumpkin spice.

If keeping cozy is top of mind, you might want to think about doing it at Sparkling Hill. It’s the unique cold weather getaway where an assortment of European-styled steam rooms, saunas, and luxury heated pools await.

Our Hottest Spot 

Who knows more about staying warm than – Europeans? At Sparkling Hill, guests are invited to partake in the fine art, fine wood, and 90 °C heat of our Classic Sauna. Who says you need an intense workout to get in a good sweat? A visit to our KurSpa facilities is all you need!

At Sparkling Hill, even carefree lounging can feel exhilarating. When exposed to this level of heat, your body undergoes physiological changes akin to those experienced during exercise. Muscles loosen, your heart rate rises, vessels dilate, and circulation increases.

Sweat therapy releases toxins, melts away stress, and cleanses the skin, leaving you feeling positive and recharged.  

A Warm Place to Clear Your Mind

You don’t have to be a meditation practitioner to refresh your mind or achieve a tranquil mental state. Step inside this 30°C Aqua Meditation Steam Room, and you’ll quickly forget about the stress of your life outside the resort. Just you, your towel, the sound of trickling water, and a blanket of warm air will envelop your senses and dissolve your stress.

Are you having trouble getting a good night’s rest? Thirty to 40 minutes spent inside this calming chamber is all the relaxation you’ll need for a rejuvenating sleep. And the best part of all? You’ll awaken to a gorgeous view of the Okanagan Valley to start your day anew.  

A Warm Place to Breathe Deep

Living near the ocean does a body good. If you can’t live seaside, a short visit to our 40°C Salt Steam is a must-try experience.  

The benefits of breathing in warm, salty air are well established. “Halotherapy” (Halo being Greek for Salt) involves the inhalation of negatively charged ions from salt. Salt’s natural antibacterial properties are thought to purify the air, which in turn helps cleanse the respiratory system.

Unlike table salt, the natural minerals contained within a salt steam aid in moisturizing the skin.

Salt minerals are also sought after for their reputed detoxifying properties that can help support immunity and the body’s nervous system.

No matter which Sparkling Hill KurSpa room or activity you wish to try first, you have the luxury of knowing that a refreshing scented shower or dip in the pool (or hot pool soak) is only steps away.

Sparkling Hill is where daydreams become reality as total relaxation takes hold. If you could use a break from the chill, book some leisurely warmth with Sparkling Hill today!