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With the holidays come the subsequent get-togethers with family, friends and coworkers. December is a busy time of year. Are you starting to feel the stress?

There is a lot of pressure with the season, especially regarding gift buying. 

As your relaxation specialists, the team at Sparkling Hill would like to offer a helpful suggestion for some relief. 

Are you looking for a perfect gift that people will remember? Not sure what to ask Santa for this year? 

How about a gift card to Sparkling Hill?

Sparkling Hill Gift Cards Won’t Go to Waste

You don’t need an excuse to visit Sparkling Hill, but receiving a gift card to our spa resort gives the recipient something to look forward to until they decide to use it. 

It’s always fulfilling when your present makes a big impression. This year, you need something you can’t find at the local mall. You want something that displays your impeccable taste and thoughtfulness. 

A Sparkling Hill gift card will do the trick, whether it’s a team gift for your boss or you’re looking to earn some major brownie points with your future in-laws. 

Giving your bestie a gift card will make their decision to join you at the resort easy. Mini vacays at Sparkling Hill with friends make your time together all the more enjoyable. 

It’s Time to Give the Gift of Rejuvenation

Chocolates are sweet but not for everyone. The same goes for a bottle of wine. One person’s idea of enjoyment could be someone else’s habit they are trying to shake. 

If you’re not 100% sure about people’s tastes, a gift card at Sparkling Hill is always a safe bet. 

People crave indulgences, not more stuff.

A health and wellness spa where pampering experiences are always on the menu is a surefire hit everyone will enjoy. 

Sparkling Hill isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience. When you come to Sparkling Hill, you dictate the type of stay you wish to have. 

Is it a romantic night out or a weekend getaway with friends? Our Offers section gives you an idea of the many packages and escapes available. 

A Gift Card Gets You All Kinds of Things

Whether you’ve been to Sparkling Hill before or you’re a first-time visitor, there’s no shortage of tempting purchases a gift card permits. 

For example, our on-site boutique offers many shiny things to behold.  

When staying at the resort, gift cards can also be used towards any KurSpa service. 

The popular Lavender Fields Massage delivers 60 minutes of sweet-smelling bliss to relax the entire body. Who wouldn’t want that?

Or maybe that lucky person on your “Good List” would prefer a detoxifying Fango treatment. A soothing application of dehydrated, mineral-rich mud provides the ultimate in muscle relief. 

Local gift card recipients may also opt for fine dining at PeakFine or some traditional Austrian fare from Gerni’s Farmhouse. 

Whatever the gift card is used for, knowing it was a present makes the entire experience all the more meaningful.   

Simplify Your Holiday Shopping in 2022

Gift Cards are easy, thoughtful, and easy to wrap. 

A visit to Sparkling Hill is the one-size-fits-all holiday gift! Anyone seeking relaxation, a satisfying meal, or self-care will appreciate the gesture. 

Fill out our Gift Card Request Form today and scratch another name off your list.  

Happy Holidays!