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Did you miss us? 

Sparkling Hill closed its doors to the public from Jan 9 to Jan 23 for our annual cleaning and renovations. This temporary closure affected the entire resort and spa, including our PeakFine restaurant and Gerni’s FarmHouse.

The temporary two-week closure was part of our resort’s annual upkeep. If you’re a regular at Sparkling Hill, you may recall that we’ve done this for the past decade or the last 10 years or 12 years etc.. 

Our luxury resort sees a lot of guests over the course of the year, and that means wear and tear. 

That two-week window allowed us to touch up those little dings, scratches, and scuffs. Tiny things, to be sure, but when you take pride in your many beautiful views, the slightest eyesore just isn’t acceptable.   

Two Weeks Too Long?

At Sparkling Hill, we never like to shut our doors to the public. However, we feel it’s integral to serving our guests better. 

Although we maintain our various amenities at all times to the highest standards, sometimes it’s necessary to perform the upkeep in a closed environment. 

As an oasis of tranquillity, it would seem unfair to disrupt people’s stay with the noise of work crews and their equipment. When you book a stay at Sparkling Hill, the goal is total relaxation, no compromises. 

Plus, who wants to arrive for their stay only to find out the pool or sauna they hoped to use is temporarily out of commission? 

Yes, those little touch-ups may not seem like a big deal to some, but when you’re catering to international visitors expecting the best, no detail is too small to overlook.

A New Year = A Fresh Perspective

People from all over the world travel to Sparkling Hill to refresh their bodies and improve their mindsets. This month, B.C.’s premier spa retreat in Vernon took some time off to do the same. 

With seemingly everyone trying to live up to their self-improvement resolutions for 2023, Sparkling Hill is no different.

Our management and staff remain dedicated to your enjoyment of our unique spa resort. Keeping our facilities clean, tidy, and damage-free is a big part of that commitment. 

We want first-time visitors to become returning guests. 

These annual clean-ups and touch-ups are a big job, but it’s worth it for our loyal customer base. 

What Was Done?

Just because we’re surrounded by exquisite Swarovski crystals, that doesn’t mean we’re afraid of a little ‘elbow grease.’ 

We scrubbed the pools, painted walls, and cleaned the resort from top to bottom. 

Those two weeks gave us just enough time to get everything done. 

Looking Ahead

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and everyone hoping to get in better shape this year, Sparkling Hill doesn’t want to keep people waiting.

And so, we’re back to business as usual.

For the team at Sparkling Hill, that means pampering our guests and creating lasting memories. We constantly strive to earn those 4 and 5-star reviews from everyone who walks through our doors.  

Have you considered booking a stay at Sparkling Hill in 2023? If not, what’s stopping you? One of our two or three-day packages is all you need to recharge and feel like a new you.

Check our calendar for availability.