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When two people complement each other so well, those shared feelings of attraction create something special. Call it affection; call it love. 

It’s just like food. 

When you combine the right ingredients, there’s something quite transcendent about the entire dining experience.  

Hey, who can deny the compatibility of peanut butter and chocolate?   

From biscuits and gravy to mac and cheese, certain foods belong together. 

Sparkling Hill is ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day all month long. Our ‘A Taste of Romance’ menu is here to flirt with your tastebuds throughout February. 

This 3-course meal is the perfect experience for any romantic outing. If you’re going to dine out this month, why not do so at B.C.’s most picturesque spa resort.

Three New Main Courses

The chef at Sparkling Hill is a storyteller; and the best dishes are love stories. Every mouthful and sip is a new page. Every course is a new chapter full of exciting possibilities.  

They say that opposites attract. Sometimes, the most intriguing pairings involve combinations that shouldn’t work together so well, and yet they do.  

Think Romeo and Juliet or braised beef and chocolate. 

Wait, what was that last one? 

Not only do these dishes stir up the spirit, they’ll make you fall in love with every bite. 

Together at Last

If you’ve never tried dark chocolate with a fine cut of meat, you are in for a sweet and savoury sensation. 

Even the most seasoned foodie will appreciate this dish with its cumin-whipped yams, broccolini, pickled shallot & jalapeño cilantro salad. 

Diners at Sparkling Hill will have their choice of three special entrées this month:

  • Beef with dark chocolate 
  • Lobster with horseradish 
  • Lamb with fig

We think you’ll find that each featured ingredient brings out the best of the other. 

Get ready to flirt with your taste buds. Our special February menu will elevate the enjoyment of your next big date. 

The Perfect Pairings Continue

Sparkling Hill is a feast for the senses, and with Peakfine’s ‘A Taste of Romance Menu,’ you’ll get all the deliciousness you could ask for. But if you want to make it extra special,

what better way is there to toast your love than with a glass of fine wine? You can add a preselected wine pouring to accompany each dish on the new menu. 

When you opt in, each appetizer, main course, and dessert will be paired with a glass of wine from one of the region’s best producers: Frind Estate Winery, O’Rourke’s Peak Cellars, Lakeside Cellars, 50th Parallel Estate, Cassini Cellars, and Quails’ Gate Winery. 

In the Mood for Food

PeakFine’s ‘A Taste of Romance Menu’ is an enticing reason to visit Sparkling Hill.

A night out overlooking the lake is an elegant expression of your feelings for him or her. 

A lavish three-course meal is a wonderful way to kick off your weekend stay or cap off your visit at our beautiful spa resort. 

Either way, you and your special someone have all month to relish these mouthwatering offerings. Our dishes include some of B.C.’s finest ingredients.

Impress your partner by making reservations at PeakFine today.