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The Summer Menu Arrives at Sparkling Hill

Starting on Friday, May 19th, lucky diners at Sparkling Hill’s PeakFine Restaurant can order from the 2023 summer dinner menu. It features a host of delectable dishes with locally sourced ingredients from around the province. 

If it’s in season, our chef wants it on the menu. 

We have new vegan dishes as well as meals catering to all the meat lovers out there. From farm to table and menu to plate, we’re sure you’ll find something that appeals to your palate.

Come and get it.

Your First Course

No matter what time of year you decide to stop by, PeakFine caters to all tastes. Fresh and healthy ingredients are always on the menu at PeakFine, but summer is when our kitchen staff truly get to play. Our chef loves to dress up each dish with touches that bring out the natural flavours for a little burst of sunshine in every bite. 


Succulent, tender, and slightly sweet, PeakFine’s pan-seared scallops are carefully prepared with sunchoke (Jerusalem artichoke), preserved lemon, and fresh chervil. The plate is topped with a bright-tasting, creamy green goddess dressing. Not only are scallops one of the healthiest seafoods around, but they are an elegant appetizer with a subtle, yet delicious, flavour that goes well with any main course. 


Juicy ripe tomatoes are synonymous with sunny weather. When paired with gin & tonic compressed watermelon, blackberry, mint, and our cilantro lime vinaigrette, you get a tasty salad that’s both savoury and refreshing. Watermelon and ginger heirloom tomatoes go together like a dip in our infinity pool and a hot summer day. 


Making your typical house salad more memorable, the culinary team at PeakFine combines the tastes of green leaves, fresh berries, pearl onions, cucumber, tomato, and grapefruit and swirls them together with a tasty sumac vinaigrette. It’s a satisfying appy that will satiate your cravings yet leave you with enough space for the next course.  

The Summer Main Courses


Much like the tomato, zucchini is often treated as a vegetable. Botanically speaking, it is actually a fruit. However you consider it, this summer squash makes a delicious addition to the Sparkling Hill menu. Our soy and ginger glazed zucchini includes smashed chickpea, edamame beans, and spinach with a red pepper reduction. It’s packed with antioxidants and nutrients and chock full of flavour to appease your tastebuds. 


The sweet, meaty flavour of our miso-roasted halibut pairs wonderfully with the accompanying mushroom and smoked bacon succotash. These joyful flavours are complemented nicely by a yam puree with scallion emulsion and ginger soy salad. If you’re visiting from afar and you’ve already tried B.C.’s salmon, a taste of Pacific halibut should be next up on your list. 


If you enjoy the unique taste of lamb, our spiced lamb backstrap and potato rösti, pistachio crumble, and mint chimichurri offers a mouthwatering sensory experience. A chef’s kiss for the carnivore crowd.


You haven’t had chicken until you’ve tried our oven-roasted chicken breast and confit chicken drum. The rosemary heirloom potatoes, carrots with green pea purée complete the dish. The combination of delicious flavours enhances the tastiness of this perfectly cooked bird. 

Crab & Prawn

Who’s ready for a little “surf and surf” after a day at the spa? If you’re vacationing in B.C., you’ll want to get your fill of the province’s flavourful seafood. Our chilli Dungeness crab and prawn spaghettini with Thai basil, cilantro, and toasted peanuts is sure to be a popular choice with all the sea foodies stopping by this summer. 

Never underestimate the appeal of a fine meal to make a summer vacation even more special. Whether you live in Vernon and you’re looking for a night out, or you’re visiting the Okanagan for the first time, rest assured the food at PeakFine is just one more great reason to visit our posh resort.

Make your reservation today.