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Introducing Bod Pod® Body Composition

The BOD POD® is the gold standard of body composition measurement and can be used an indicator for overall health. The results you receive can provide information regarding the success of your nutrition and/or exercise program, monitor for obesity (a risk factor for major diseases), fine tune your athletic performance, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

The entire assessment including discussion of your results is 30 minutes. You will be sitting inside the BOD POD® cabin for about 3 minutes. However, during that time, the door will be opened and closed between two to three 50-second trials.

What should I expect?

All you have to do is simply sit comfortably and quietly, relax, breathe normally and BOD POD® does the rest. You may notice a feeling similar to being in an elevator but most people are unaware of the slight pressure changes that take place.

How accurate is it?

The BOD POD® uses air displacement technology, considered to be the gold standard of body composition measurement. It is as accurate as hydro-static (underwater) weighing, but quicker and easier to perform. BOD POD® assessments are highly accurate, and can detect even small changes in body fat and lean body mass.

Any suggestions for best results?

  • No food, drink or exercise at least 2 hours prior to assessment
  • Use the restroom before (if necessary)
  • Do not apply any lotions or skin creams prior to your assessment
  • Remove all jewelry (if possible) , eyeglasses will be removed prior to assessment
  • Wear minimal, form-fitting clothing (no padding or under-wires)
    • Men: Thin fabric shorts, Lycra/spandex-type swimsuit or compression shorts
    • Women: Lycra/spandex-type swimsuit or compression shorts and sports bra
  • A swim cap will be provided to compress any air pockets within the hair
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