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1. How long have you been with us at Sparkling Hill?
I joined the team at Sparkling Hill Resort 3 years ago.

2. What do you like most about working for a Health and Wellness Resort?
I really like that I am able to continue learning in my job and always have the opportunity to try new things and look at different ways of resolving any issues that may arise. Moreover, I really enjoy the interaction that I am able to have with guests from time to time.

3. What is your role and what does a typical day look like in your role?
I am a licensed Electrical Engineer and as part of our Maintenance Team my tasks can range from as simple as changing a light bulb to as complex as repairing a vacuum cleaner. One of my main responsibilities is looking after the maintenance and upkeep of our ever-popular Steams and Saunas in KurSpa.

4. What is your favourite part of your job?
Without doubt, my favourite part of my job is having the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to the big picture of helping people live healthier, happier lives.

5. Describe something special that you have done to “wow” a guest/ make a guest’s day? 
A guest had asked for my manager by name as he needed help with his air conditioning and the mini-refrigerator. I later found out that the guest was Austrian and because of the time I had spent in that area of Europe, I was able to converse with this guest in his native language, German, and actually help him and his family. It was wonderful to really connect on a personal level and I as it turned out I learned how to ski on the mountains just about 50km away from where he lived in Austria. We were both really amused at how small the world can be and the guest even gave me an Austrian chocolate bar on my departure.

6. Tell us about your background. Where were you born and raised?
I grew up in Manitoba in a wilderness community. There was no luxury – no televisions for any of the modern day conveniences that we enjoy today. While growing up I was involved in Boy Scouts, then I joined the Royal Canadian Air Force after high school. During my time in the Royal Canadian Air Force I was trained and certified in Electrical Engineering. I later migrated to Europe as a member of Royal Canadian Air Force’s Star Fighter Program. While there I won an award from the German Army for my skill in using automatic weapons. Overall, I spent 25 years in the Air Force. My career continued in the Aviation Industry where I spent about 5 years at NavAir and 12 years at Air Canada.

7. What are you passionate about? What motivates you?
I am very passionate about helping to make things operate and function better – I really enjoy seeing things work!

8. What do you enjoy doing most during your free time? What are you favourite hobbies?
I enjoy Square and Round Dancing, racing canoes, fishing, and I have served as a part-time ski instructor at Silver Star Mountain Resort.  One of my most enjoyable projects was actually building my very own sea kayak!

9. What do you think is the best thing about living in the Okanagan?
The variety of both summer and winter activities that are available. Also, the great weather and the nearby ski hills!

10. How do you incorporate Health and Wellness into your life?
I am generally active and an outdoors person. I do also eat healthily and I really enjoy skiing.