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I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would spend a week at Sparkling Hill Resort, but it became a reality just over a year ago when I came for the  ‘Stay Young and Healthy’ program.
The city that I call home was rapidly changing and growing and stressing me out. Everywhere around me people were using their technological toys in every public place, with no thought of others. I no longer felt the pride and love I had for the city and needed to escape, for a while! Sparkling Hill was just the place to retreat to but…

There were several reasons why Sparking Hill Resort might not be for me. First of all, I would be stepping out of my comfort zone. During the week-long stay, several treatments were offered in the total package. I had never experienced a massage. I rarely eat at restaurants, especially alone. Plus, I was anxious about the dress code after viewing the Sparkling Hill website. The list went on as to why I should not spend time at the resort, because it appeared to be out of my league. A good friend verbalized my unspoken anxieties by stating “The Posh Place,” where staff would totally ignore me, as I would be alone.
Despite my vulnerabilities I came to the resort and was not disappointed. All my senses were enhanced daily and I felt an overwhelming sense of joy, peace and gratitude. I came and saw, heard, felt, and tasted all that was offered.

The resort pianist took the time to speak to me as I sat outside the dining room on the first evening at the resort. She commented on the brass covered oak leaf I was wearing. I was grateful she spoke to me as I nervously waited to be shown into the room for my first dinner. She then mentioned the ballroom crystals shaped as maple leaves. I was confused, I had viewed the crystals but had not seen the maple leaf shapes…I had to return to look again!

I had undergone cataract surgery prior to my trip, which resulted in clearer, sharper vision. Colours were more vibrant as I viewed the beauty of nature, the resort’s unique architecture, the colourful and creative presentation of the meals, and of course, the crystals.

Hearing Aides allowed me to be aware of lost sounds. I was amused when I realized what sound I was hearing in the dining room when a staff member, distanced from where I sat, was grinding pepper on a client’s meal. Such a simple sound!

I was unable to just sit and be quiet. Greedily, I wanted to experience everything the resort offered, daily, and hourly and every minute of the week, and I did. I felt the healing power of touch, the individual staff took their work seriously and I was grateful. One day when the rain was pouring down, I floated alone in the infinity pool and felt the rain on my body as I looked up and around, in the beautiful natural environment.

On a nature walk alone and one day with a member of staff, wildlife was close…I didn’t want the week to come to an end.

I enjoyed observing and communicating with the resort’s staff, from the management to housekeepers. I felt at home within Sparkling Hill Resort. A conversation with Helen, a massage therapist, who told me to write my stories, has resulted in me enrolling in several courses, to learn basic skills in the writing process, with a future goal of being a published writ

Since the stay at Sparkling Hill Resort I continue to feel its positive benefits psychologically and emotionally.

During my stay, I made the effort to become more social, as I am usually content with my own company and space. I continue to be social now, as new experiences and learning are ongoing. The Sparkling Hill Start Up drink is made from time to time.

In the fall I suddenly developed unforeseen physical health challenges, which made me realize the need to live my life in the moment.

A writer called Simon Von Booy said: “Every moment is the paradox of now or never.” I am so glad I took the risk to live in the now!


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