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Have you made your new year’s resolutions yet? You’re not alone if you’re thinking about shedding a few pounds in 2023. Stepping onto a scale is a good start, but Sparkling Hill has the resources to do you one better. 

You’re invited to enter our dual-chamber BOD POD for a more accurate assessment of your current physical state. 

A visit to our BOD POD is included with our new 3-Night Wellness Whisk-Away Retreat. This special offer is the perfect incentive for kickstarting a new diet or fitness regimen. 

 What’s a BOD POD?

When you first encounter the BOD POD at Sparkling Hill, you’ll see an egg-shaped device that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It’s a fitting comparison, as the technology it contains is quite advanced. 

The BOD POD is an air displacement plethysmograph that analyzes your body’s composition in highly accurate detail. It is a popular service here at Sparkling Hill. 

Professional athletes use BOD POD to make significant gains in their training, but the information it collects is valuable for anyone concerned about their health. 

Ten minutes inside the pod is enough to give you a precise analysis of your body. Our technician will talk you through the results.

Data includes: 

  • Fat and fat-free mass
  • Body volume
  • Weight
  • Lung capacity
  • Body mass
  • Body density
  • Thoracic gas volume

In addition to determining your body’s density, it can help detect blood clots and assess your level of risk for obesity, diabetes, or stroke.

BOD POD provides an excellent overview of your health. 

How Do I Try It?

All guests at Sparkling Hill are welcome to book a session. Like many of our services, times fill up quickly. However, reserving a 3-Night Package guarantees you a spot. 

All you need is a form-fitting lycra/spandex bathing suit or workout gear to try out this amazing technology. BOD POD accommodates adults of any age safely and comfortably (including any NBA or NFL players). 

As part of our 3-Night Wellness Whisk-Away Retreat, you’ll receive the following:

  • 3 nights’ accommodation 
  • Daily 3-course dinner per guest at PeakFine Restaurant
  • $250 KurSpa credit per guest 
  • 1 Bod Pod wellness assessment per guest
  • Sparkling Hill tote bag and water bottle 
  • Unlimited wellness activity classes

Commit to Your Health in 2023! 

If you’re serious about making some positive changes in your life this year, what better way to get started than by booking a stay at Sparkling Hill?

A BOD POD assessment is informative and motivating. It’s the potential catalyst for a healthier new you. KurSpa services at Sparkling Hill are the perfect entry point for any self-improvement routine. 

Relax in a tranquil setting between visits to our pools and saunas. Try a new yoga class or rejuvenate your body with a professional massage. Three days should give you enough time to take in a good sampling of what our luxury resort has to offer. 

Usher in the new year with a fresh outlook with the beautiful scenery of Sparkling Hill.