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Nothing beats a carefree midday snack along with a satisfying beverage while on vacation. It’s especially tough to top when that snack is freshly grilled bratwurst, the libation is a cold beer, and you’re soaking in the sights overlooking Okanagan Lake. 

Is it happy hour yet?

If you’ve come to Sparkling Hill to savour the sensory experience that is our European-inspired spa and resort, Gerni’s Farmhouse fulfils the culinary component. Established on the grounds in 2021, the restaurant offers a delightful selection of Austrian fare. 

Starting in March, Gerni’s will be tempting visitors between 2 and 4 pm with their Afternoon Special. $18 gets you a delicious sampling of Austrian cuisine. Grilled Bratwurst with a bun with German mustard is the perfect nourishment for satisfying your hunger, especially after a morning spent exploring Sparkling Hill’s many hiking trails. And when you need to quench that thirst, a cold beer midday always hits the spot.  

Add a Little Austrian Flavour to Your Sparkling Hill Trip

You don’t have to be a guest of Sparkling Hill to visit Gerni’s Farmhouse, but if you are, you’ll likely want to stop by more than once. Guess what? No reservations are necessary. 

Gerni’s menu includes a variety of tasty Austrian and German dishes and a selection of imported beers and wines (including some of B.C.’s finest). Pair Gerni’s menu with the scenery and atmosphere, and you have an ideal spot to chill while your partner attends their next spa treatment. 

Your trip to Austria (or the closest approximation to it) is conveniently located just behind the resort. If you’ve booked a room at Sparkling Hill, the distinct-looking eatery is within easy walking distance of your room. This proximity is especially nice should you choose to order more than one “flaschenbier” during your meal. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Austrian and German dining, a chilled bottle of Stiegl in hand and a sizzling bratwurst on a bun is a fantastic introduction.

A Unique Dining Experience in the Okanagan

From our classic Finnish sauna to the pervading Swarovski crystals, the European sophistication at Sparkling Hill naturally extends to the cuisine. 

Gerni’s Farmhouse is open daily from 12pm to 9pm for lunch and dinner. You have your choice of soups, salads, main courses, and delectable desserts, including vegetarian options. But if you wish to indulge your carnivorous appetite, Gerni’s is definitely the place! 

You’ll find everything from beef goulash and roasted elk to crispy chicken schnitzel and Bavarian pork knuckle. Each dish is complemented by sauces and sides, like German coleslaw and liver dumplings, that accentuate the flavours of central Europe. 

How authentic is the food and atmosphere at Gerni’s Farmhouse?

Named after our late founder, Gernot Langes-Swarovski, the building was originally a chalet built in 1587 in Weerberg, Austria. The materials were flown in and painstakingly reconstructed on-site. That same attention to detail is evident in every mouthful. 

Are You Ready to Say “Prost” in the Okanagan?

Prost (rhymes with toast) is German for “Cheers.” Gerni’s Farmhouse invites you to drop by and celebrate all things Austrian

You may be wondering how a spa resort known for its health and wellness offerings can also be home to the finest bratwurst in the Okanagan. 

Sparkling Hill is full of surprises. 

Round out your stay by visiting Gerni’s Farmhouse, where the Afternoon Special is just that. You deserve a special treat in a very unique setting.