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There must be at least 100 reasons to visit Kelowna and Vernon in the Okanagan Valley – the champagne powder ski resorts, the lakes, the wines to name a few. In my case I’ve added the 101st reason – Sparkling Hill Resort. After 108 days skiing I was in sore need of some bodily restoration. Now, I’d heard of the Resort from some of my ski friends and family but their comments just didn’t do it justice. The place is simply stunning. Fantastic location on a granite outcrop overlooking the picturesque Lake Okanagan. From the moment I walked into the lobby I realized this was something special – something that kept re-occurring wherever I went. For example, my room had a huge bath tub situated right in front of the floor-to-ceiling window wall, with a magnificent view of the lake. I find it hard to imagine a finer place to enjoy champagne and strawberries whilst contemplating life.

And of course there’s the KurSpa. Soaking in a succession of hot and cool pools; restoring tranquillity whilst gazing at the view (again) from the heated outdoor pool. As well as re-energizing in the various sauna rooms – yes, even the ice room! I made extensive use of the KurSpa and found it just great for relieving those sore muscles and joints caused by my full season of skiing.

Now we don’t live by water alone; and I found the dining facilities at the resort were also first rate. I enjoyed a great dinner with suggested paired wines, and an all-encompassing breakfast the next day. The Reuben Sandwich for lunch in PeakFine, really hit the spot.

So my advice to any fellow traveller is that this is one spot that has got be on anyone’s must-do list. Even if the snow, the lakes, and the wines weren’t there, this resort is reason enough to visit the Okanagan Valley.

Go on, spoil yourself.
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