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Work Related 

How long have you been with us at Sparkling Hill?
I worked for Sparkling Hill for 2.5 years previously, and am thrilled to have rejoined the team recently as Operations Manager.

Why did you choose to work at Sparkling Hill Resort?
There’s nothing quite like getting to go to work every day in this beautiful resort. I also appreciate the unique focus on health and wellness, which really sets Sparkling Hill apart.

What past education, experiences or career paths have lead you to your current position?
I have worked previously in food & beverage, retail, and healthcare, but this role is by far the most exciting and rewarding!

How would you describe Sparkling Hill Resort’s internal culture?
I would use the word vibrant. Sparkling Hill opened eight years ago in 2010, so we are still quite a young organization. Our team in all departments is empowered to make changes if we see an area where we can improve and elevate the experiences we provide our guests. This is part of what makes working here so enjoyable – We are not restricted the way properties in large corporate chains are, so if there is something we can do better, let’s do it!

What motivates you on a day to day basis in your role?
Our guests. Many of our guests stay for a week or longer at a time, so I have had the chance to get to know many of them personally. It is rewarding to continually welcome them back and see them leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

What has been the most memorable experience or opportunity you’ve had since working for a Health & Wellness Resort?
Some of my most memorable experiences here have been with our weeklong guests. One guest in particular had been through some significant challenges in her personal life and came to Sparkling Hill needing a reset. I remember noticing such a drastic change from the day she arrived to the day she left, and now she makes a weeklong stay with us an annual tradition! Getting to be a part of providing such a life changing experience for this guest was very special.

How are you continuing education or working toward professional goals?
This job teaches me something new every day! A professional development goal for me would be to learn a second language, and I hope to start working towards that soon.

Life in General 

Tell us about your background. Where are you originally from?
I was born and raised in Kelowna!

What are you passionate about? What motivates you?
I really do love my work, there is something special about the hospitality industry. I’m a pretty competitive person, so friendly competition keeps me on my toes.

What do you enjoy doing most during your free time? What are you favorite hobbies?
I snowboard in the winter, and go on hikes with my dog Oliver in the summer! I also enjoy classical music and have had the chance to perform a number of times with Opera Kelowna.

What do you think is the best thing about living in the Okanagan?
I really enjoy that we get all four seasons here – There are not many places with beautiful beaches in the summer and world class ski hills in the winter.

What is your favorite food?
Does wine count?

Where in the world have you travelled to? What took you there?
I’ve had the chance to travel to a few places in the Caribbean on vacation, including Costa Rica and the Bahamas. I’m looking forward to attending a recruitment event in Paris and Brussels later this month as well.

Which destination would you most like to visit and why?
Greece and Italy are definitely on my bucket list.

What is your favorite book?
For fiction, anything by Margaret Atwood. For non-fiction, I’m really enjoying reading The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle right now.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?
Maybe it’s cliché, but I would love to fly!

Who has been your hero? Someone that you look up to in life?
My partner Shaye is someone I admire immensely. Our General Manager at the resort has also been a wonderful mentor to me and is someone I look up to.

How do you incorporate Health and Wellness into your life?
I try to stay active with hiking and snowboarding as much as possible, and I enjoy preparing healthy meals, although I am admittedly not a great cook. One thing Sparkling Hill has taught me as well is the importance of taking time to unplug and relax.